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Here at Day Trading Academy (DTA), we provide a weekly review of markets and geopolitical events.  Below you will find our most recent updates.

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5+ Points: Feb 28th Market Recap

What does a market recap really mean?  Lets think about this for a second, do I really want to pay attention to someone who “talks about the market” or do I want to pay attention to someone that “trades the market”?  I have beef with many of these day trading companies that talk about recaps about their strategy because its all nonsense. They talk about potentials and what they could do rather than actually day trading their own strategy.  I’m sharing this […]

+13 Points on March 6th: Day Trading Market Recap

+13 Points on March 6th: Day Trading Market Recap

All I have to say about today is WOW!  One of the biggest things that day traders take for granted is good days.  Everyone conveniently remembers the bad days but everyone forgets about the good days. One of the most important things that we can do as day traders is keep a level mind and understand that the market is always going to level itself out. There will be bad days, good days, great days, shoot yourself in the foot days.  Once […]

+11 Points On Feb 27th: Market Recap

+11 Points On Feb 27th: Market Recap

Im back! Reporting live and direct from the United States.  I am diligently flying around the country, pretending to “call it work” of course, getting things done before my move to Brazil and I decided to start updating the site with my personal charts again.  Many of you have emailed me asking me where I have been and how the market has been and the while the market hasn’t been moving the best we have still been able to minimize our risk […]

Day Trading Scams

day trading scams

Day Trading Scams have been around online for a very long time. When people contact me for day trading training I hear horror stories of people spending tens of thousands of dollars for something that they never end up using. Automated day trading systems and platforms that promise results and training that isn’t what was promised. The reason why I started this site was to help day traders that were coming to me from help when they weren’t getting the training they […]

Good Bye Medellin… Hello Brazil

Well ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to say goodbye to Medellin, Colombia and say hello to Brazil.  I haven’t planned yet where I am going to be actually moving to Brazil but I plan on arriving in Rio De Janeiro and then possibly working my way to Floripa (otherwise known as Florianopolis).  Here are some updates on things that I am working, where I am heading, and what I plan to do to make the my day trading strategy better. If you want […]

LTD Project: And Then There Was Two

I’m working on some very exciting things if you haven’t read my mid February update.  I am reporting live and direct form the tail end of Carnival in Barranquilla, Colombia.  Due to my travel blog, I have had the pleasure of speaking to a slew of day traders that are interested in day trading and traveling and even meeting day traders on the road. Why should you care about this? Because I now have agreed to take on an additional person for the […]

What Day Traders Really Do

day trader, trader

I had to share this post that I just created about what everyone thinks Day Traders do.  This is a theme that has been going around the web for almost every profession and I decided to create one for day traders… enjoy!

Its Time for a Question & Answer Webinar

Its time for my first webinar to try and get caught up with all of your questions.  I’ve received dozens of emails in regards to both my travels and day trading and to  best answer everyone’s questions I decided to have a webinar on Friday at 12pm EST.  I honestly can’t keep up with the roughly 100 additional emails I am getting everyday so if you are interested sign up for the email newsletter below and comment on this post on what […]

6+ Points February 3rd Recap

day trading in ColombiaDay Trading in Colombia

If there is one thing that I enjoy more than making money on a Friday before a weekend is going out and paying for a lunch that costs $3 right after.  I’ve gotten settled in my home in Medellin, Colombia.  By settled I mean my book bag and clothes are still thrown on the bed and floor because I would rather spend my time looking at charts than taking care of important things like putting things in their place and getting organized. […]

+9 pts on February 2nd: Market Recap

+9 pts on February 2nd: Market Recap

Im back from the coffee region and I haven’t been able to trade because my email inbox has been absolutely massive.  I recently became a partner with NinjaTrader to run the indicators that use with them and I had an explosion of emails about how I day trade and travel.  A big shout out to NinjaTrader for accepting me as a partner and for everyone that has asked how my recent trip to the coffee region was, here is a picture that […]