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March 15th Recap & Results of One on One Session

I made it back, I’m still alive. After driving to the dungeons of the Best Western hotel, room for 435 to be exact, I have emerged victorious with a new one-on-one session under my belt.  The victim?  Don Giordano, a very young man in his 60s that came down to feel the wrath of Military Training.

Okay seriously, it went exceptionally well and with the feedback that I’m getting from everyone that has experienced the Military Training I look forward to doing more. We decided to do the session at the Best Western Hotel on the beautiful Florida coast and afterwords Don and I decided to have a great Greek lunch at a restaurant nearby called Gogo’s.

The results from today are an example of what a beginner would be able to do in the market. using my strategy, anyone would be able to make an average minimum of two point today. Today was no exception, as you could have made just that amount.

Up for tomorrow will be Manny Cabrera otherwise known as the Godfather for a one-on-one session.

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