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7+ Points! March 2nd Day Trading Recap

I am finally caught up!  This is the last of my trades that I wanted to catch up on as I have been trying to show everyone that you can make money in both channeling markets and also strong trending markets by sharing my personal trades.  I think its important to show what I did rather than just “a market recap” of what my personal strategy did.  It is what this day trading site is all about.

My whole approach to day trading is Congressive

My day trading strategy is about being both conservative and aggressive and adjusting to the ever changing market dynamic.  When the market is channeling and it isn’t moving I am conservative and will not take extra risks.  When the market is moving really well and is trending very strongly I will be aggressive and take more risks as I know more of them will work out.

It is also about trading probabilities as much as it is about risk vs reward.  I want to win more than I lose and I want to have my winners be bigger than my losers.  The only exception to that is when I know I am taking a trade that will work out 90% to 95% of the time.  While I might only win a point on these specific trades, if the probabilities are in the 90’s then I know I am going to win.

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