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6+ Points February 3rd Recap

day trading in ColombiaDay Trading in Colombia

If there is one thing that I enjoy more than making money on a Friday before a weekend is going out and paying for a lunch that costs $3 right after.  I’ve gotten settled in my home in Medellin, Colombia.  By settled I mean my book bag and clothes are still thrown on the bed and floor because I would rather spend my time looking at charts than taking care of important things like putting things in their place and getting organized. […]

+9 pts on February 2nd: Market Recap

+9 pts on February 2nd: Market Recap

Im back from the coffee region and I haven’t been able to trade because my email inbox has been absolutely massive.  I recently became a partner with NinjaTrader to run the indicators that use with them and I had an explosion of emails about how I day trade and travel.  A big shout out to NinjaTrader for accepting me as a partner and for everyone that has asked how my recent trip to the coffee region was, here is a picture that […]

How I Make Money In a Recession Day Trading


Making money in a recession is no easy task in any profession, finances tighten up and trying to make sales is close to impossible.  Jobs are scarce and being laid off or losing your own job can be detrimental to anyone.  Making money in a recession is hard enough but I would like to throw an unorthodox idea into your mind. What about making more money in a recession than when things are going great? I kid you not when I say […]

The Best Business to Own & Start in 2012

owning my own business

I have been looking for the best business to own & start since I was 14 years old.  I have done everything from selling CD’s when CD burning software first came out to selling bakery goods and even fake purses.  There are both advantages and disadvantages  to every business, but I have never heard of anything better than what I have been doing for the last 10 years, day trading. I even turned my passion of travel into a business with my WanderingTrader […]

Day Trading in Colombia: To the Coffee Region & Beyond!


Day Trading in Colombia is one of my most favorite countries to day trade from, I say that because Colombia is one of my favorite countries in the world.  Not even Somalia or South Sudan could come close!  The combination of great people, beautiful women, low prices, and an attention to detail and fun brings together a very unique city that I call one of the best cities to live in the world (If you want to know more about Medellin check […]

How To Start Living the American Dream

the american dream, american dream

I live my American Dream traveling & day trading, how do you want to live yours? Starting to live the American Dream is based on the sole premise that there is always an opportunity to make money no matter what circumstances you are in.  I truly believe this as I can attest to starting from nothing and getting to the point where I am able to day trade and travel around the world (check out my travel blog).  I would agree that we […]

What We Can Expect from Day Trading in 2012

What We Can Expect from Day Trading in 2012

Welcome to the end of the world everyone! There are many things that are unknown, especially when 2012 is supposed to be the super sized version of the 1999 Y2K “the world is going to end” year.  Being a day trader for roughly 10 years and a man that has been traveling around the world (check out my travel blog) there are a few things that we can expect, and no its not me getting arrested in places like South Sudan.  I actually plan […]

10+ Points on Dec 20th: Market Recap

10+ Points on Dec 20th: Market Recap

Today is probably going to be the last day that I trade in 2011 since we are getting so close to Christmas.  In addition to that, I will be leaving tomorrow to spend the holidays in Venezuela.  I don’t know if you have paid attention to the news recently but Venezuela isn’t the best place to be in the world so far.  Leave it to me to visit another dangerous country after being to Somalia & getting arrested in South Sudan just […]

A Measly 3 Points on Dec 19th: Market Recap

A Measly 3 Points on Dec 19th: Market Recap

When we are day trading we really have to keep the end goal in mind.  The goal of trading is not to make a billion points everyday, the goal is to make money every day.  Even if you made just 1 point every day in the emini markets you could still do very well for yourself.  With the volatility that we have been seeing in the last in the last few months I have been used to make more than just a […]

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