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Live Trading Recordings, September Recap, Up $25,790.40 Overall Today

Live Trading Recordings, September Recap, Up $25,790.40 Overall Today

There is blood in the streets. China caught a cold and it has spread throughout the world markets. Have no fear however… When things get bad traders actually do better. With the drop in the markets in September (which we predicted by the way) the volatility has exploded. The volume has increased to levels we have […]

$9,908.40 in Profits, 5 Target Fills, June 21st Recap

Day Trading and Traveling in Santorini GreeceDay Trading and Traveling in the Office in Santorini Greece

What an amazing few weeks it has been. Normally during the summer months, there is more limited volume and movement. One of the advantages of understanding the market properly, is that it doesn’t matter what the market is doing. Good Movement. Bad Movement. It Doesn’t Matter. While the volume and volatility may dip, we are still […]