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Day Trader’s Lifestyle: Epic Eiffel Tower View in Paris

Our Day Trader’s Lifestyle has allowed us to reach… Paris.

We have scoured the beaches of Brazil.

Viewed the majestic beauty of her majesty’s Taj Mahal.

Swam in the Epic Infinity Pool in Singapore.

We have even (glamorously) traded on top of a freezer, tipped over sideways and on top of a ping pong table, in the remote corners of Somalia.

View from the penthouse that we rented in Brazil

View from the penthouse that we rented in Brazil

We decided to choose something a little romantic this time. Not that these sexy guys above aren’t my type, it is just that we prefer a bit more of a feminine kind of person.

Paris is all that…. with crepes and with Nutella.

We are on the road again, enjoying another one of our Master Trader retreats and this time we have decided to tour the historic streets of Europe.

Click here to see the video on YouTube

Although our first stop was Portugal, we couldn’t help but make a pit stop in Paris.

A Day Trader’s Lifestyle wouldn’t seem right, without a beautiful view from a hotel terrace of nothing less than the Eiffel Tower.

I have been traveling around the world now for over 6 years. One day I just decided that living in a city that I didn’t like, sitting in congested traffic for countless hours a day, just did not make sense anymore.

Day Traders Lifestyle

First view of the gorgeous Eiffel Tower

One of the beauties about being able to day trade anywhere in the world, is being able to choose your own schedule.

Here in Europe, we can sight see in the morning and/or go out partying the night before and still be ready for the market at 3:30 p.m.

We had a number of traders move to Thailand and live a luxurious lifestyle on just $500 USD a month.

We will soon be updating our trips!

In spite of the situation concerning the Greek debt crisis ,we have been seeing amazing market movement! Have a look at the chart below.

Greek Debt Crisis

Every time there is a panic, the volume and volatility in the markets spike.

One of the reasons why day trading is one of the best jobs in the world, is because we make more money during these periods of instability, than when things are going well.

Just imagine if a full time income is possible, with just a part time schedule?

Working merely one or two hours a day and being able to generate a salary well over six figures a year.

Stay profitable my friends.






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