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6+ Points In A Channeling Market: March 12th Recap

Want to know if you can make money in a channeling market? The simple answer is yes you can, the more complicated answer is what kind of day trading strategy do you have?  I find rules based trading to be non sense because we shouldn’t put rules on something that always changes (ie: the stock market).

I have what I call a congressive (patent pending-lol) approach to trading that allows me to be conservative when the market is not moving well and aggressive when the market is moving well.  I can minimize risk when the market is moving sideways and maximize positions when its trending strongly.

Thank goodness for friends and the LTD Project.  I left the charger for my laptop at the Galeria Mall in Houston Texas!  If anyone finds a Dell charger at the Starbucks (table number 3) with “this is Marcello’s charger” on the back then you definitely know its mine!  I sat with Ro today which is the first student that is part of the Learning How To Day Trade Project not only to get him up to speed but to also use his computer if and when mine was out of juice.

Once the market decided to move as slow as molasses I decided to do what most of us using my strategy do, take a bathroom break.  In my case it was go to Starbucks, get my overpriced latte, followed by a brief trip to Best Buy to purchase a new overpriced laptop charger.  I really have been living in Colombia way to long.  My lunches in Colombia cost the same price as a Starbucks Latte.  Shame on you Starbucks!

The rest of the week I will be doing student hot seats where I will have a one on one session with two people in the training program.  Very excited since the first session was excellent last Friday and I was spoiled with a gourmet breakfast and a T-bone steak for lunch.  God bless Italian wives.  A big shout out to the guys I met in Houston, they refused to allow me to pay for my Mexican burrito that I purchased from a truck on the side of the road and my drinks.  It was great meeting you guys!

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  1. Great job Marcello! These recaps are very informative and helpful. Thanks for taking the time to make these recaps.

  2. Marcello,

    Thank you fo putting up these recaps.. they have been very helpful and you can really learn alot from the videos. Also watching gives those not in the program yet a look on how you put your own strategy to work in the real market.

    Keep up the great work..thanks again


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