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Over $4,000 Available: March 19th Market Recap

One of the hardest things for day traders to do is to not have a bias in the market. It’s very important to not think of an expected outcome without analyzing the market. In the recap for last week I noted that we had some of the lowest volume in years so when we approach this week’s trading we can’t automatically assume that were going to have low volume.

Now overall the market has not been moving as much but that can change overnight, so it’s important that we don’t approach the market with any preconceived notions of what might happen or will happen because then we won’t analyze the market properly.

We need to be able to adjust to the market and adjust to the movement as well that’s why I feel that it so important to understand how the market works and why it moves the way it does. That’s why I call my approach to trading, or my day trading strategy congressive, because we need to be conservative when the market does not move well and aggressive when the market does move well. Just one of the many things that I teach people in the training program.

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