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Day Trading Recap: +8 Points on March 8th

I personally don’t like to trade the roll over days because they can be hit or miss sometimes, very similar to the days where we have the FOMC meetings.  I was disappointed by what I saw in the market as I was watching my Tradestation charts.  I have a group of traders that trade for me and plan on integrating them into the training program so they can teach and one of them called me and said I had to look at the NinjaTrader charts!

I am a big proponent of not allowing anyone help me teach and train other traders that haven’t proven themselves by trading live in the market.

NinjaTrader is an exclusive partner of The Day Trading Academy and I have all new students use their charts because they are the best in the business.  I still use both platforms for contingency purposes as I have seen that Tradestation holds up best when I don’t a great internet connection (I just got back from living in Africa, check out my travel blog for more) and NinjaTrader holds up best with there are spikes in volume.

I also have a few updates which I am excited about.  I did announce that I had openings in the training program, I have two spots left as I am writing this post.  One of the exciting things that I want people to experience are my “student hot seat” sessions where a student will be running the live trading room as part of the training.  In addition to that, I am going to personally sit with two traders to being the blueprint for Military Training where I will sit one on one with a trader to give them a boost in their training and personal one on one attention.

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