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Here at Day Trading Academy (DTA), we provide a weekly review of markets and geopolitical events.  Below you will find our most recent updates.

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Sept 4th Recap: 10 pts from Easter Island

Easter IslandAhu Tongariki - The most popular of all the Moai Status on Easter Island

Welcome to Easter Island everyone!  I have been traveling around the island for the last week continuing my day trading and traveling.  The internet on the island isn’t the best but I was able to find an internet cafe in the center of town that has internet reliable enough for trading. It has been nothing short of amazing as I have been able to visit all of the Moai statues while traveling along the entire island.  You can drive in roughly 20 […]

Meet Lino: Student Trader Goes Live Makes $500 First Day

Meet Lino: Student Trader Goes Live Makes $500 First Day

Meet the newest Bad Ass In Training (trademark pending) I come back from a two week trip exploring the Brazilian Maldives and guys want to go crazy on me.  Enter Lino, going live on Monday and making his first $500 with the Congressive Trading System. Wait what? We actually teach how to actually make money in the markets without focusing on indicators? Yep. I really wanted to share this story because Lino is a conservative trader who isn’t greedy.   Traders don’t normally […]

5 Fatal Mistakes That Day Traders Make

5 Fatal Mistakes That Day Traders Make

I have been teaching traders now for roughly 8 out of the near 10 years of my trading career.  I have seen people instantly start trading live in a matter of weeks and others that have seen their savings disappear in a matter of years. In the end, there are only a handful of reasons why you aren’t a professional day trader yet. Day trading eminis isn’t the easiest thing in the world because if it was everyone would be doing it.  […]

Did You Trading Survive The Record Low Volume The Last 3 Weeks?

Did You Trading Survive The Record Low Volume The Last 3 Weeks?

Im back from my trip exploring the entire coast of northern and central Brazil and immediately started looking at the market in a different way.  I always look back at the market activity and was obviously bored with the slow market activity the last few weeks. Boy was I in for a suprise The volume that we have had for about the past three weeks has been some of the lowest volume since the years 2006 & 2007.  Say what?  We had […]

Aug 7th Live Class Recap: 4-13 Points Available

Governador ValadaresThe city of Governador Valadares

Phew! What a great day to come back to the markets.  I was busy exploring the interior of Brazil over the weekend and had the opportunity to stay the weekend at a favela. Fa-ve-la: A shantytown or slum, especially in Brazil Aside what you are thinking, when I day trade & travel I prefer to explore these neighborhoods instead of staying at 5 star resorts because this is where you find the real people in a country, real personality. When I travel it […]

July 31st Live Class Recap: 4 to 14 Points Available

July 31st was not the kind of beautiful day that we had on July 30, but it was certainly a day where you could have made money in the markets.  Ahead of all things including indicators, day trading gurus, and even breakfast doughnuts, being able to identify momentum is one of the most important things that any day trader can understand. July 31st was a very unique day in that we started off with overall momentum down and that turned into a […]

July 30th Live Class Recap: 7.25 to 16 Pts Available

July 30th Live Class Recap: 7.25 to 16 Pts Available

We are hosting a series of live classes this week for everyone that is part of the training program and the week could not have started off any better. July 30 was one of those days that day traders live for, one of those days where you end up with a big smile on your face at the end of the day. Everyone that attended the class and sent in their charts did a fabulous job of managing their trades and minimizing […]

July 20th Recap: 12.25 Points in a 3-4 Point Range

Today is one of those days where I approached the market very cautiously due to options expiration week, and more importantly, options expiration day which happens to be today. Whenever we have options expiration week we have seen the market behave in an erratic manner which means we need to be aggressive with our exits to ensure that we lock in profit. The market typically doesn’t run on days like today.  The premarket today started off very strong to the downside which […]

Day Trading & Travelling: Brazil Penthouse Edition

day trading in brazilDay Trading in Brazil lead us to the famous steps in Rio de Janeiro

I have been day trading and travelling around the world now for almost 4 years now.  I still remember when I was thinking about what country to visit first, I decided to start in Canada because I was worried about internet in other countries and figured Canada was different enough but still had first world characteristics. First world characteristics like fast and reliable internet I needed to make a living day trading I have been sharing my stories since the beginning on my […]

July 17th Live Market Class Recap: 4.5 – 6.5 Pts Available

One of the most important concepts that we talked about on July 17th in the live class was momentum.  It is so important to be able to understand the micro momentum and know when to go long and short and also the macro momentum in order to understand when to be aggressive and conservative.  One of the biggest problems that I see in people’s trading is not being able to make the switch, today was a day that started off straight to […]