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October 3rd Recap: 6 Pts, 60 Minutes, 6 Day Reunion in Spain

It is my fixed day anniversary in Spain and I’m going to celebrate it with a sushi dinner this evening.  that actually isn’t anything special at the sixth day reunion it just sounded great with title.  I actually have been eating sushi every night due to the fact that I do not enjoy Spanish cuisine here in Barcelona.

The food here in Spain is very different than what I imagined, the common food that everyone needs are Tapas which are essentially small tidbits of different kinds of little snacks.

The majority of the tapas consistent over greased meet on bread.

When you do find a variety of options like fish and other unique combinations you get tired of eating the same thing over and over get. Since Barcelona such a cosmopolitan city I opted for the third option which was to not eat Spanish cuisine at all.

I stuck to eating Turkish Durum (similar to Greek pitas) and the sushi every night for dinner.  you can find out more about my day trading and traveling on my travel blog, Wandering Trader.

the volume is definitely return to the market but what’s important is that the actual volatility has returned as well. When the volume returned just a few weeks ago we didn’t have good movement, whereas now were really getting good trends and movements that respect our areas.

You can check out the abysmal September results of how the low volume affected the results for beginners using the Congressive Trading System we were still able to make a profit which is what counts.

The market started off with a seven point range and finally broke out to the upside and started trending at around 11pm EST.  After that we were off to the races but since I only trade roughly an hour or two a day I wasn’t able to take advantage of the movement.

For me it’s all about making a profit and then just being profitable at the end of the day, we make the decisions and we can make at least a point or two a day and were definitely able to make a living as a day trader. It should be everyone’s goal to just win every day and set up make 1 billion points.

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