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Pro Trader Day Trading Seminars & Military Training

Our pro trader day trading seminars are designed to give you the power to take your trading skills to the next level.  The focus of these yearly events is to give traders a deeper understanding of the markets and allow traders to recognize how to adapt to any market condition.  So far we have held our annual pro trader seminars across 3 continents to accommodate all of our traders around the world.

We always prefer to host a smaller group of traders in order to provide the highest level of training.  We also incorporate our successful master traders into the program to showcase what techniques real traders are using in today’s markets.  Every event includes presentations from various legendary master traders to gain invaluable insights on the unique approach that each master trader uses.

Teaching in a live market setting via our student hot seats and one on one master trader sessions provide the proper conditioning a trader needs to perform in the live market.  Recently we launched our new one on one Military Training which allow traders to receive personalized in person training.  Due to the success of that beta program we have introduced one on one sessions with Master Traders at each event.

Past Pro Trader’s Seminars:

Upcoming Seminars

  • Annual Pro Trader’s Seminar Tampa, Fl 2015
  • Live Military Training – Medellin, Colombia April 2015
  • Live Military Training – Medellin, Colombia October 2015