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Oct 17th Recap: 6+ Points in London, Englad

I have been working very hard on updating the curriculum and I have already added tons of new information that most of the students in the training program have left great feedback about. This is the main reason that I have not uploaded any updates for last week and this week.

We have seen great movement as the volume in the market has returned to normal levels and we are also seeing great levels of volatility as well.

It’s going to be exciting when I put together the advanced section and the pro-section with all of the new trade setups. I was even discussing today a potential new setup with a trader that we found that may add a lot to the bottom line, we’re going to start back testing the theory very soon.

I wanted to make sure I did a recap today because I found the market movement to be very unique. Today is one of those days where the market was moving well but if you did not pay attention to the actual market and focus instead indicators of rules for trades you would have been put in bad situations.

I was able to avoid to trades that happened to be losers because I was paying attention to what the market was doing as it was respecting to tramlines instead of our areas. This is one of the fundamental things that I want to start teaching even the public side of the site to make sure that everybody understands that.

No matter what kind of indicators you are using or what kind of market your trading; stocks, futures, Forex, this kind of basic concept can go a long way when you put in place properly. We may have a webinar tomorrow afternoon so if you’re interested in coming were want to be talking about support or resistance areas for everyone that is not part of the training program.

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