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Sept 28th Recap: 10 Points From Barcelona, Spain

Day trading in Barcelona Spain is getting quite uneventful as I have now fully immersed into the central part of the city. I’m about a 10 minute walk from the famous Las Ramblas and also about another 10 minute subway ride for many of the local tourist attractions. I’ve settled into a new room and started to get accustomed to the old world European charm.

This is my last recap from the Last Week of September and I plan on sharing the results from the beginner strategy tomorrow.  I haven’t calculated the total just yet but I am really curious to see how the record low volume has affected the results.

We now only have one quarter left in 2012 and it’s going to be really interesting what happens and not only the rest of the year, but also next year as well. The economic situation is pretty uncertain and so far I haven’t seen the effects of the European crisis here in Spain.

my new apartment in spain

My new apartment in Spains, gives a new meaning to concrete jungle

Friday’s market activity was eerily similar to the last three days of the week.  If you take a look at the Emini S&P 500 market activity for the last three days of September you’ll find that the market movement is nearly identical.

It’s really weird seeing something like this because you’re not accustomed to the market repeating its behavior so quickly. Day trading, for the most part, is about recognizing patterns and making quick decisions to capitalize on those high probability movements.

It is how I have made a living day trading for the last 10 years

But one thing that most people aren’t able to do is adapt to the new market environment like the record low volume that we saw in August for example. One of the things that I am going to continue to do is have my traders, both that trade for me and students that have become masters, continue to help me teach.

One of the things that most people don’t realize is by showing others how to do an activity it actually makes us better. In a way I am a bit selfish when it comes to that because by teaching people how to day trade and actually keeps me in tune with the market and allows me to identify the changes in market behavior.

I’m able to capitalize and make quicker decisions because I’m always in tune with the market and I want everyone to be able to have that same opportunity. A day trader should always be reviewing his trades and staying in tune with the market but how many of us actually do everything that were supposed to do?

I’ve been saying I’m going to start working out since I lived in Colombia, over two years ago.

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  1. Marcello,

    Great video recap. I have a question…is there anybody in the training program who trades the ES after hours and overnight? The majority of the videos you post show trades from 930am est to 1200 noon est. The reason I’m asking is because I have a day job from 800am est to 430 pm est and when I get started in the training program will I be able to learn how the markets move and learn in general trading the ES after hours with your program?


    1. Shani there are traders that trade earlier in the morning around 6 to 7ish in the morning and there are others that trade a bit later until the market closes at 3.30pm. Most of the opportunities happen between 9.15am est to 11am est and the next time frame with the highest opportunities is between 11am to 1pm. I base all the results and trade my account between the hours of about 8.45am est to the latest of 1pm est.

      Shoot us an email Shani via our contact page and we will be happy to give you the details of how we can teach you how to trade.. thanks for the comment

  2. I can’t see. What are those white boxes with the circles on people’s balconies in the building across from where you are staying in the picture? Wall unit AC?

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