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June 20th Recap (with live trading video): 20+ Points (Possible $10,000)

June 20 was an absolutely exceptional they. It had the highest volume and movement since October of 2011.  It probably is one of the best days of the last few years. It’s always easy for everyone to make money in the strong trending markets.

We always assume 10 contracts as that is the goal that everyone strives for.  Its relative whether we are trading 1 contract or even 100 contracts as what really matters are the average number of points that we can attain.

Most of our traders that were in our live market class yesterday made anywhere between 3 to 10 points.  Some even as high as 20 points depending on how long they were trading,  one of the things that we have to understand as traders is that these days are not always going to happen.

During the 2001 and 2008 economic crises these days were normal… but they didn’t last.

As I was watching the post game interviews from the NBA finals game last night Shane Battier stated something that is very important.  He was going through one of his worst performances in his entire professional basketball career.   After winning the game he stated to everyone that “my mantra was I will regress to the mean.”

He is normally an exceptional shooter and was one of the highlights of the game.

This has everything to do with day trading because these huge winning days are not always going to happen. It’s great when we have these days and it definitely boosts our ego but these days are not the norm. As traders we have to accustom ourselves would just being consistent and making money every day.


We have found that trading on the Emini S&P 500 a trader can make an average of two points per day. You’ll find in our results that in January and February are beginners would have made an average of .85 points per day.

Nothing to shake a stick at.

If we fast-forward to the incredible market movement that we have been seeing in the last 7 to 8 weeks the averages increased significantly.

And any performance based profession we have to understand that there are always going to be peaks and lows. June 20th is one of the best days that I have ever seen in the last few years trading.

When you go through rough patches have confidence in your system.

If you know the odds are in your favor then over time the market will change. In August and September of last year we sold some of the lowest volume on record. Everything balances out over time and the focus should be to be consistent every single day.

Watch as we focus on market movement and structure to be able to anticipate how the market is moving in the video below:

We have been sharing videos of us trading live throughout this week and last week in addition to our graduate master traders charts.  Understand that there are some traders that just look forward to to three points a day. They don’t have extreme highs and lows and consistently have a positive average of winners.

Just wanted to make sure that we keep in perspective that day trading is a performance activity very similar to professional athletes. The goal is to remain consistent.

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