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The Anatomy Of A 30+ Point Day (Beginners 10+ Points)

Incredible 30+ points.  The Day Trading Academy’s Blog has truly never seen something like this.  The best day of the year occurred last Thursday during what was supposed to be contract rollover day.  The market activity from today has now superseded Thursday of last week and has become the best day of the year.

Sadly, I was not able to trade today since we were hosting a live market analysis class but it was great to see all of our traders do exceptionally well (see video below for student charts and recap). I wanted to share a recap of what a trader could have done assuming they took every valid legacy trade in addition to every valid Pro trade.

Our resident graduate master trader Superman came quite close with nearly 20 points just in the morning session.

We talked about all of these trades during our live market class and also reviewed some of our Pro trades during our review classes well. One of the most important things a trader must pay attention to is momentum.

This is why we always tell every trader we meet that indicators and software are not important.

They are lagging which means they are calculating old information.  The majority of the time we pay attention to what we call a Victoria’s Secret chart. I won’t divulge the details but rest assured it’s naked and sexy.

The Day Trading Academy Blog

The Day Trading Academy Blog

Even the beginners who are using our HTS management system would have been able to capitalize on 10+ points in the morning session.

This means that they would not be maximizing any profit nor minimizing any risk would’ve brought a gain of over 10 points. We try to keep the results objective as every trader have their own risk tolerances and manages their trades a unique way.

We started keeping track of our Pro trades and a new HTS 2.0 management system, or Pro HTS (we haven’t decided what to call it yet), which would allow us to quantify all of our Pro trades.  We are working on some really exciting things and now have over five Pro trades in our arsenal.

We are also testing a new dynamic management system which would allow traders an easier way to limit their risk on trades.

I was able to trade in the afternoon and as I write this post at 3:30 PM EST on 20 July I still have not eaten anything. This is actually the first time that I thought about eating.

To be able to give someone else the opportunity to make money in the markets and have their freedom is not a job to us.  I honestly never considered teaching again what I was day trading and traveling around the world but now I consider this a great responsibility and honor.

There really has been nothing like this on the Day Trading Academy’s blog.  The power of what we do can be seen by our high success rate from our graduate master traders. Not students that are practicing and trading and doing well on sim, these are actual graduates of our program that are trading live.

It’s not a day trading community, it is our day trading family.

Family always helps family get ahead, you can always count on family.  We never anticipated to have so much success but we are now planning to even duplicate that with day trading centers around the world.

Days like today are the reasons why we day trade. We always assume 10 contracts as that is everyone’s goal.  Assuming someone even made just 20 points in the morning session that would equate to a cool $10,000 for roughly 3 1/2 hours worth of work. The reality is most of our traders were done at about 1030 and 11 o’clock this morning, most netting anywhere between 3 to 10 points.

We did discuss something during our review class today of whether trader should push it to the limit and trade all day on days like today. The real answer to that question is we should focus on being consistent and making money every day. Sometimes we are going to win 10/20 points and other times we are going to lose money as well.  We talked on the Day Trading Academy blog how one of our in-house traders lost $10,000 in one day. If you don’t believe me see the statement below:

Mirus Futures

If that is how much we can lose in a day can you imagine how much money we could possibly make?  After looking at the market the right way, instituting strict risk management principles, and have a group of traders (not students or people trading sim) that are actually trading their accounts for a living incorporated into our training program the possibilities are endless.

These things happen and at the end of the day  consistency is the key.  One of the reasons why we have been able to train so many successful traders is because we have been through it all. From winning tens of thousands of dollars a day to losing tens of thousands of dollars a day, you also wouldn’t believe me if I told you one of our in-house traders had an $80,000 losing day.

It was a combination of Internet problems, phone problems, and erratic market spikes.

Just imagine how your confidence would be broken after a day like that. We have been there and we know how to get through it.  This is what we help our traders with. This is how we help our traders avoid problems with strict risk management and winning ratios of over 60 and 70%. We’ve done several tests and found that we only have to be right roughly 40% of the time in order to actually make money with the Congressive Trading System.

One of our students recently shared what it felt like to have his first month of profitability after joining DTA.  He lost $27,000 in one month. This is real and it’s not something that is easily gotten over.

But guess what?  Since he joined DTA and started paying attention to what is important he had his first winning month.  We know how to get traders there since we have been there and we know exactly how to get through it. Read his post here.

We don’t mind sharing these stories via the Day Trading Academy blog because we understand that this is what day trading for a living is all about. This is how we learn and since we have so many traders that have been through every situation trading live accounts we are able to design a training program and system that has a success rate that is 300% above the industry average.

The lesson here is that these kinds of days don’t come around very often. These huge winning days and huge losing days are exceptions to what happened normally. All we have to focus on is making money consistently every single day. We are not always going to have big wins and we are not always going to have big losers.

We will however have everything in between the majority of the time and that is the time that matters.

If you haven’t already signed up for our newsletter or having a trading workshop for everyone that is not part of the training program this Saturday at 10 AM. Sign up for the trading workshop at the top of the page.

Stay profitable my friends.

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