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MIND Congressive Day Trading System

A Strategic Approach To Profits

Our Congressive Day Trading System isn’t about making a million dollars every day.  The goal is be able to make money consistently every single day.  It is learning how to be reliant on yourself so you can focus on the actual movement of the market.  We always try to put this into perspective for new traders that are excited about making money.

It’s more important to not to lose money than it is to make money

Our rules-based approach to trading is extremely flexible for all types of traders.  We give you a proven skill set and you choose what you are comfortable with as a trader.  In the beginning it is important to follow the patterns we highlight, to gain market aptitude. Once you’re feeling more comfortable, we will begin to make small changes to trade entries, exits, and risk management.

We focus on technical analysis and momentum of stock prices to base our trade executions.  Technical analysis uses a precise set of indicators, patterns, and movements that allow you to identify high probability opportunities in the market.   It also allows you to gauge momentum, strength, and potential reversals in real-time.

We perfected our winning strategies by keeping a few things in mind: K.I.S.S – Keep it Simply Simple

  • Trade strictly futures

    • E-mini S&P 500
  • Win more than you lose
    • Make sure your winners are bigger than your losers
  • Simplicity (clean charts, simple setups)
    • One Chart & 3 Simple Indicator
  • Stay disciplined and follow the plan
    • Goal: To be profitable everyday

It isn’t about making a million dollars every day.  The goal is be able to make money consistently every single day.  It is learning how to be reliant on yourself so you can focus on the actual movement of the market.

To have a successful day trading system, you truly need to understand how the market works based on Price Action and NOT Indicators or software.  By keeping a simple chart, we can immediately assess how the market is performing and profit from the potential opportunities given to us.  Our strategy uses a few indicators that help with volatility and momentum, but our main objective is to understand the market environment and adapt to its changes by reading live price.

We see fluctuations in market volume seasonally, and when the volume slows we are still able to make an average of two points a day with our Congressive Trading System, a proven strategy developed to adapt our trade entry and exit rules to capitalize on opportunities available.  This understanding will keep you in good trades, reaching your profit targets, and out of bad trades that appear enticing.

1.1  The Day Trading Academy Style Of Trading

Life expectancy as a trader is not defined by a single win or loss, but the collective wins and losses over a period of time. After completing your education, it is time to implement the strategies and systems by developing your trading plan, outlining your objectives, and practiced entries and exits. Markets fluctuate and so should your trading plan.

When we can read the market environment and understand its structure, we are able to make money every day.  In all honesty, markets today easy to trade. Anyone can make money when the market is flying in one direction and trending beautifully.  The market changes its behavior often and we want to quickly adapt to make sure we can capitalize on opportunities the market is giving us.

Congressive Strategy Disposition

Congressive = Conservative + Aggressive

This concept is what we call “Congressive,” where we are conservative when the market is not moving well and aggressive when the market is trending. Sometimes we make exceptions to our profit target by reading underlying behavior; this is a skill we teach our traders to understand and take advantage of market momentum.

Trading full time is all about being able to generate consistent returns. One aspect we focus on is identifying which trades appear valid, but are not compelling.

Automated stops utilizing our HTS technique, Hold to Target or Stop, ensure our beginner traders learn to read movement, without exposing themselves to unnecessary risk.  After a trader is familiar with this environment, they begin to reduce the relationship between potential loss and potential profit.  Remember: a string of profitable trades only matter when compared to the number of trades that did not work out.

It doesn’t matter if you are trading one contract or ten; it’s all about making the right decision to consistently extract a profit from the market daily.

We want our traders to adapt to any market condition by reading the immediate and overall market momentum, reviewing the structure of the market, and applying sound decisions.  Upon starting the Day Trading Academy, you will learn rules-based trading so you can begin to pick up entry and exit points based on market expectation.  During simulated trading, these rules create a structured approach so you take the trades without question, until you can recognize the nuances in entry patterns.

Just imagine the potential as you move from intermediate to advanced, and finally pro.  Traders at this stage know when to tighten risk or exit gracefully, increase their profits targets, and take trades that have high winning ratios. When traders learn what we call “reward management,” the possibilities really are endless.

Experienced traders with an understanding of market movement will be able to adapt to our system quickly once their charts are set up and the curriculum completed.  The flexibility in DTA lies in our ability to understand momentum and price action, allowing those with experience to incorporate their style of trading into our view of the market.

There are tons of day trading systems out there with lots of promises about what is possible and what isn’t possible.  The Congressive Trading System is all about adapting to the market conditions, being conservative when the market isn’t moving well and  aggressive when the market is moving well.

Congressive = Conservative + Aggressive

Anyone can take away indicators from you but no one will be able to take away how to read and understand how the market works.  The reason why we call it a system is because there is a progression that we take everyone through in order understand how the market works.

The concept is to learn to understand the market so we can all adapt to it while building your own personal day trading style into the system.  There are many different types of traders and you may be more aggressive or conservative than I am, so the idea is to show everyone in the training program how the market works and incorporate their own style into the Congressive Day Trading System.

 The Congressive Day Trading System that we offer also includes training from some of the best in the industry. We are very adamant on keeping the standards of the program at the highest level and only allow traders that are trading their own accounts live to teach the program (check out one of the retreats at The Ritz in London)

We don’t hire any programmers because we don’t use fancy indicators, we don’t hire any admin assistants because everyone that is a part of The Day Trading Academy is a real day trader, and we don’t accept everyone into the training program to learn the system because we like to make sure that this is going to be a serious endeavor for you.

With day trading, anyone has the ability to become financially independent and become their own boss.  One of the things that we are adamant about is day trading & travelling around the world. We get together with many of our students overseas and are planning a series of day trading centers around the world including India, Colombia, & Brazil.

Our seminars & retreats are also featured in various locations around the world with our first even being held in London, our second event is tentatively planned for Toronto, and the third event will be either in Singapore or Brazil.

One of the things that we strive on is being able to help you get where you need to be with your trading even if you don’t want to enroll in our Elite Training Programs. We plan on offering an array of training events and programs for anyone that is learning how to day trade so definitely stay tuned for that and we look forward to helping you learn how to day trade.

Just always remember that it doesn’t matter whether you want to learn from us or from another company, we have achieved our dreams through day trading Eminis and want to make sure that you reach yours as well.  Learn how to read the market and understand how it works because you will be able to apply that to any market around the world.