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Graduate Master Trader Recap: Ice Man – 10 Pts on June 20th

One our successful graduate master traders shares his thoughts and trades for one of the best trading days in the last few years.  This trader is now practices new pro trades that he is learning on sim.  The importance of being able to practice new ideas & trades on simulation until they are mastered.  I will be meeting up with Ice Man in Puerto Rico within a month!

If it seems that I have been MIA for a while, well there is a reason. I have been spending the last couple of weeks trying to improve my trading. I felt like I had some room to add small wins from trends that I was seeing over and over again.

It seemed like the market was doing exactly what I was thinking. The only problem, I was not involved in the market during those times.

What I did was contact one of the master traders and asked for help. We traded some emails and he gave me somewhere to start. I was off to backtest my theories. I added a few indicators and used them in SIM mode. It’s important to note the true value of the training program because each trader has access to all the other traders. We can all use each other to get better, and that’s what it’s all about.

I’m sharing my chart with you from today as I would have made 9.75 points. I say would have because I am still on SIM as I want to make sure I have a grasp on what indicators I want to keep and what I want to get rid of.

Editors Note: Notice how our traders have the freedom to add and take away indicators simultaneously.  The focus is to understand how the market works and be able to adapt to it.  We want all of our traders to not have to rely on us and help us to develop new strategies and techniques.  This alone is the reason why we have been able to create such a power day trading system.  We give all the credit to our graduate master traders that have helped us refine this strategy over time.

Today was all about market expectation. Beautiful movement and mostly all to the downside. If I would have hung around, I could have made a bunch more points. However, I was in the hockey dressing room trading because we had a practice at 1030. I went all the way until 1025 because the market was moving so well. No need for explanation, when the market moves like it did today, we are looking for excuses to go short.

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