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2013 Congressive Strategy Results: Consistency Anyone?

2013 Congressive Strategy Results: Consistency Anyone?

What can we say about 2013? It was an absolutely incredible year for us here at The Day Trading Academy (DTA). Being such a tight knit community we always want to make sure that we are there for all of our traders including those that are still learning.  They were all having their moment when they “officially made it” trading in 2013 and we wanted to be there for that special occasion. It has been a very busy year with lots of research […]

March 2013 Results: Jordan & Wonders Of The World Edition

Kempinski Hotel Dead SeaThe luxurious Kempinski Hotel at the Dead Sea

We scoured and reviewed nearly 5000 applicants and ended up choosing the winner for our contest to Jordan. We offered a one year free training program using the Congressive Trading System, the tourism board of Jordan were kind enough to offer an all expenses paid trip to the country, and Ninja Trader offered a one year free live multi-license. The Kempinski Hotel was one of the luxuries that we were able to experience while traveling through Jordan. We definitely plan on sharing […]

Feb 2013 Results: Taj Mahal Is Incredible Edition

Feb 2013 Results: Taj Mahal Is Incredible Edition

There are moments in a nomadic day traders life when you sit back in your chair and are stunned by amazement.  There are times when you reach a destination or experience something so unique that you do not think you ever feel that feeling again.  What we have learned as we continue to travel around the world is that there will always be that next moment to raise the bar even higher.  The Taj Mahal in India is one of those moments. […]

Jan 2013 Results: Confronting the Indian Mafia Edition

Holy Man in Varanasi IndiaHoly Man in Varanasi India

We are on the tail and of our trip traveling and day trading in India.  We recently to word through the entire land of the Kings, Rajasthan, and have continued through the holy city of Varanasi. If you have been keeping up with our India travel blog over at you can read the full story of our confrontation with the Indian Mafia.  The holy city of one of the most populous countries in the world is something else to experience.  

Dec 2012 Results: No Internet & Electricity in India Edition

Dec 2012 Results: No Internet & Electricity in India EditionThe intermediate & beginner results for December

Day trading throughout the year is extremely intense and demanding.  It is not physical exertion that gets to day traders but rather the mental aspect of trading. The amount of focus and energy that is required to be successful in the markets is extremely high. Many of our traders decide to take a nap after a successful day of trading. There aren’t many unsuccessful traders using the Congressive Trading System so all of our traders get plenty of rest. The market activity […]

November Trading Results: Nothing Like Consistency – India Edition

November Trading Results: Nothing Like Consistency - India Edition

Taking a peak at the yearly results through the month of November is really all about consistency.  The daily average was roughly 2 points per day and the winning average was close to 80%.  I consider the winning average to be a high as the winning average in the industry should be roughly 60% to 70%. For those of you that aren’t familiar with futures 2 pts equates to roughly $100 (1 point=$50) and it doesn’t account for the number of contracts. […]

October Trading Results: London Edition

Trafalgar square LondonTrafalgar Square in London

October trading results are in with Congressive Trading System!  We have been in London for roughly 2 months attending various conferences and are currently getting ready for our day trading retreat in the next week.  The October results have been tallied up and I plan on talking about the massive increase in volatility that was caused by last weeks presidential election. The October results were extremely interesting in that it was the highest win ratio of the year at nearly 87% and […]

June 5th Live Market Class Recap

June 5th Live Market Class Recap

Welcome to the first official recap of June!  Today I want to try something a little bit different and share the results of the live class that we had on June 5th.  I also plan on sharing the results from our June 6th class. I do things a little differently when it comes to training because I have had the unfortunate circumstance of being sold into the industry and I have also had the fortunate opportunity of being inside the industry.  Since […]

April Results Are Here! 2.19 Points A Day – 75% win ratio

April Results Are Here! 2.19 Points A Day - 75% win ratio

Finally! I was getting a little tired of telling people that the year to date results for my day trading strategy was through March.  I was tired of telling people that the average win throughout the year was 1.97 points. Luckily, I was sadly mistaken as the average for the month of February was 1.97 points. The actual year to date results through March was 2.35 points a day  The April results are promptly reported on Brazilian time as I have formally […]