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New Traders Up $1385.20 Today & Interview With 6th Trader Going Live

New Traders Up $1385.20 Today & Interview With 6th Trader Going Live

We really can’t describe what it means when we see traders doing this. The whole concept of having our day trading centers around the world is to give to those that are less fortunate.  In Colombia, someone who graduates from college makes an average of about $800 a month. The minimum wage here is roughly $315. When we see traders going live and putting themselves in a position to succeed that really makes all of the our hard work worth it. We […]

Meet Santiago: The Fifth Colombian Trader About To Go Live

Meet Santiago: The Fifth Colombian Trader About To Go Live

We have now reached our fifth trader that is about to go live in Colombia.  He has been working diligently and tirelessly to give himself a chance with a live account. The time has finally come!  We wanted to capture these moments, as we try to do for the members of our training program (Go Griffin!)  Listen to his own words below as he shares his thoughts on going live for the first time.

4th Trader In Colombia Goes Live: Meet Sebas

4th Trader In Colombia Goes Live: Meet SebasHe dominates the market and then dominates dinner. Two pizzas for the Hit Man

As the saying goes… “When you really want something to happen, the whole world conspires to help you achieve it.”   ― Paulo Cohelo in the Alchemist A few years ago I never planned teaching again. I was enjoying my life as a day trader by traveling around the world. To the exotic beaches of Brazil all the way to the historic lands of Ethiopia. I was following my quest for excitement and since I could day trade from anywhere in the world […]

3rd Colombian Trader Goes Live (With Live Trading Video)

3rd Colombian Trader Goes Live (With Live Trading Video)

So far our experience training our traders at the Colombian Day Trading Center has been a great learning experience for everyone. Our first two traders broke records by going live within just a few weeks of starting their training. Three weeks for the first trader and roughly four weeks for the second trader to be exact. The third trader, Andres, started a few months after he started as well. We are rewarding our traders nicely with the best and worst traders receiving […]

3rd Day Live With Our Colombian Traders (With Live Trading)

3rd Day Live With Our Colombian Traders (With Live Trading)The time out table when the boys are trading here in Colombia

Our third day live with our Colombian Traders. Definitely not disappointing. We do have to give them all the credit as they are extremely smart and have done a lot of work to be able get to this point. Their first week live so far has been extremely profitable with mostly winning trades and more importantly, very good decisions. Here is a small recap of their third day trading live. We have been training our Colombian traders every day live in the […]

Second Colombian Trader Goes Live!

Second Colombian Trader Goes Live! Two thirds of the Colombian Internship Crew In Medellin

Now the second Colombian trader has gone live. It just wasn’t enough that one went live in 3.5 weeks. No, he was lonely. He needed a partner in crime. At least that is the way it seems like. Santiago, the second trader to go live, he snuck right behind our expectations of what he was going to be able to do trading. The guy is cooler than the other side of the pillow. Laid back as a rocking chair. As easy going […]

First Trader From Colombia Goes Live: BREAKS RECORD!

MY Grace Yacht with Quasar ExpeditionsMY Grace Yacht with Quasar Expeditions

Going live is not for the light hearted. If you have gone live day trading you certainly know what we are referring to. The first Colombian trader has gone live today. And he completely owned the market! Congratulations Camilo! He didn’t just go live but he actually broke records doing it.  The fastest that we have seen anyone go live from not knowing anything about day trading is roughly 6 weeks.  The 2nd fastest we have seen someone go live is 8 […]

Introducing Our Colombian Traders To United States Food For The First Time

Westin Tampa BayWhat the seminar should look like at the Westin Tampa Bay

It is that time of the year again!  Every year we host our annual pro trader’s seminar in a different location around the world. So far we have held this exciting event on three different continents.  We hold our core value of being able to day trade and travel around the world to heart by making these events in different places every year. With our new day trading center moving along quite nicely in Colombia soon we will be able to host a […]