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First Trader From Colombia Goes Live: BREAKS RECORD!

Going live is not for the light hearted.

If you have gone live day trading you certainly know what we are referring to.

The first Colombian trader has gone live today.

And he completely owned the market!

Congratulations Camilo!

He didn’t just go live but he actually broke records doing it.  The fastest that we have seen anyone go live from not knowing anything about day trading is roughly 6 weeks.  The 2nd fastest we have seen someone go live is 8 weeks.  The 8 week 2nd place record is attributed to none other than our Master Trader Superman.

The year started of with $30,000 profit days from our investments in the marijuana stocks at the beginning of the year.  We celebrated with a full week cruise to the Galapagos Islands with Quasar Expeditions. Check out what our office looked like for a full week:

MY Grace Yacht with Quasar Expeditions

MY Grace Yacht with Quasar Expeditions

For those of you that don’t know our CEO and founder, Marcello Arrambide, recently made an amazing presentation about day trading at the prominent EAFIT University.  EAFIT University is the most significant university when it comes to finance and economics in the country of Colombia. After his presentation there was incredible demand for students that wanted to be part of our new program.

After all, we are starting a day trading center here in Medellin, Colombia to provide locals the opportunity to make a living day trading.  This will allow them to reach their dreams and also assist us in showing Colombians how  to truly invest and day trade.

We already have our Brazil day trading center pending approval as well.

Soon we will be able to have a slew of penthouses where not only our in house day traders will be able to travel and day trade but also members of our training program.

After officially starting his internship with DTA and EAFIT on January 15th he was ready to go in just 3.5 weeks! That is almost half the time that we have seen someone go live.  One of the things that we have always learned is to look to improve our own strategy by adapting to changing market dynamics.  We also look to improve our own by teaching which is one of the reasons we have our Master Traders help teach our classes.

Colombia Day Trading Center

The Colombia Trading Center under construction. The pink chair in the middle is staying. That is the time out table where traders will trade from when they take stupid trades

Our newest venture is to beta test Military Training where we train someone in a one on one environment. We call it Military Training because this is no holds barred training. Sit down one on one and get rid of bad habits, identify correct market behaviors, and an occasional slap or two on the head.

If you don’t believe me ask the attendees of our recent annual pro’s traders seminar.  We are bringing the ruler next year.

By being able to have our Colombian traders train side by side with us we are able to watch their every move. Being able to train in person is highly effective and allows us to cut the learning curve exponentially. This is one of the reasons why we are seeing so much success with our current day trading center here in Colombia. I do want to give Camilo 100% credit for the hard work that he has put in.  We can definitely tell when he arrives on Monday mornings that he has been reviewing the correct concepts and fixing his mistakes.

Camilo 0225

On the first week of his internship training he already was able to identify some of our advanced and pro trades. Without knowing the rules he was able to see the market movement and strong momentum which is the most important thing.  He was immediately able to adapt his behavior and picked up our advanced/pro trades after understanding them and knowing the rules.

Look forward to sharing updates of our center here in Colombia and sharing the success of our next trader in Colombia that is ready to live.

Stay profitable my friends…..


  1. Sir,
    I lives in India. I don’t find any of your center in our country. I think you should also try to open a center in our country also ( Mumbai).

  2. marcello . how do i get started? i live in dallas tx. would be willing to relocate to colombia and train for free.

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