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3rd Colombian Trader Goes Live (With Live Trading Video)

So far our experience training our traders at the Colombian Day Trading Center has been a great learning experience for everyone. Our first two traders broke records by going live within just a few weeks of starting their training.

Three weeks for the first trader and roughly four weeks for the second trader to be exact.

The third trader, Andres, started a few months after he started as well.

We are rewarding our traders nicely with the best and worst traders receiving prizes. When we say best and worst it doesn’t necessarily have to do with making money. It has more to do with making the right decisions.

If someone makes money but makes bad decisions then bad habits are formed and eventually that will catch up with us.  This is something that we specifically focus on in the training program to make sure that we all focus on what we need to focus on.

It is always about making good decisions.

When a trader makes good decisions, even if it is a bad day in the market or he loses money, they are going to make more money in the long run. This is because good decisions always prevail when it comes to traders. Bad habits cannot be masked once someone starts trading live.

We decided that the trader that makes the worst decisions in any given week has to grow out a beard for 2 months.  Beards so you know are not the best fashion sense here in Medellin, Colombia.  We are also going to make them help clean the apartment with the maid that comes every Wednesday.  For the winners in this competition we are either deciding a monetary compensation or something that doesn’t have to do with money.  Let us know if you have any suggestions!

Look forward to continuing our growth as we expand throughout the world. Our Colombian day trader is fully operational and our Brazilian center is almost ready to be launched.


  1. Congrats Andres! I am sure you will trade well. To the author, I disagree with your motivational methods… Growing a beard as punishment for poor decisions? Hmmmm.. Sounds like a reward to me.

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