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4th Trader In Colombia Goes Live: Meet Sebas

As the saying goes…

“When you really want something to happen, the whole world conspires to help you achieve it.”   ― Paulo Cohelo in the Alchemist

A few years ago I never planned teaching again. I was enjoying my life as a day trader by traveling around the world. To the exotic beaches of Brazil all the way to the historic lands of Ethiopia. I was following my quest for excitement and since I could day trade from anywhere in the world I could pick up at a moment’s notice.

I left the last company I was with because I didn’t want to be part of an outfit that was selling software and indicators that people didn’t need.

After trading for nearly 12 years now I knew exactly what people required to day trade.  They certainly didn’t need to pay for any software or indicators. Traders want to make sure they are learning how to read the market.  This in the long run will put traders in the best situation since they won’t have to rely on day trading companies for indicators or software.

Now we are creating our own army of traders that are learning to dominate the markets. We have nearly 35 traders in Colombia four of which are now live.

It seems as though the one on one in person Military Training is having incredible effects on their performance.  The fastest that we have ever seen anyone go live was 6 weeks. This was a member of English training program.  The second fastest that anyone has gone live is 8 weeks.

That happens to be the almighty trader we call Superman.

Our traders here in Colombia smashed that record in half. Camilo, the first trader to go live, went live after only 3 weeks of training. Our second trader to go live, Santiago, went live in just 3-4 weeks.

We would have said that Camilo was lucky if only he was able to go live in that time frame but two? We actually could be doing something right at the day trading center in Colombia.

After that came Andres, after just 2.5 months he was able to go live with consistent results on a simulation account.

He dominates the market and then dominates dinner. Two pizzas for the Hit Man

He dominates the market and then dominates dinner. Two pizzas for the Hit Man

The vision is coming together to be able to house our Master Traders around the world. Currently we have the Hit Man here in Colombia helping us train all of our Colombian traders. Soon we will share one of his Hit Man trading lessons here on the trading blog. Soon we will also have our Brazil day trading center up and running.

Our traders will be able to visit any of our centers around the world.

Now we have Sebastian which is our fourth trader to go live. He has been playing a balancing act between school, after school programs, day trading, and of course having a social life. You did know about the women in Colombia didn’t you?

Ironic how we decided to start our first day trading center here. Pause.

After roughly 7-8 months he has been able to show the consistency on a simulation account in order to be able to go live. This again shows that no matter what someone has going on at home anyone can learn how to day trade.

This is one of the reasons that we always record all of our classes.   Anyone that has a family at home, has a full time job, or is even going to school can learn how to do this.  One of our best Master Traders, James aka Ice Man, is a professional hockey player in Norway. He also has a family and a new baby (with another one on the way).  He was able to learn just by practicing after hours and watching the recordings of all of our classes.

While it is always special when one of our traders goes live, Sebas (Sebastian) has a little extra meaning.

He was one of the first of two traders in Colombia.

He has helped in getting our day trading center up and running and also helped recruit all of our Colombian traders.  If it wasn’t for him and his partner, Oscar, we wouldn’t be doing as well here in Colombia.

 Day Trading At EAFIT

Day Trading At EAFIT University

To see him do so well that he has the ability to go live is extra special.  He is also recruiting other Master Traders that trade US markets out of Colombia and organizing live trading seminars at EAFIT University. Just yesterday we had nearly 50 students watching our traders trade live in an auditorium.

Here is Sebas introducing his thoughts and what he thinks about going live:


  1. how much is your service and what would it cost me estimate to come in stay in Columbia as well as how long it
    would take … I have some experience with futures and trading but have not had consistence gains

    1. Dean.. that really depends on availability in the program because we limit new entrants to ensure that we keep the quality high. If you’d like contact us via the contact form and we can see if you are a good fit for the program:

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