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3rd Day Live With Our Colombian Traders (With Live Trading)

Our third day live with our Colombian Traders.

Definitely not disappointing.

We do have to give them all the credit as they are extremely smart and have done a lot of work to be able get to this point. Their first week live so far has been extremely profitable with mostly winning trades and more importantly, very good decisions. Here is a small recap of their third day trading live.

We have been training our Colombian traders every day live in the markets. We call it Military Training where we partake in intensive in person live sessions to be able to get our traders where they need to be.  We would love to take credit for having two of our Colombian traders go live in under a month after training.  While it may have been very beneficial for them we also have to give them the credit or the hard work they put in.

Our Military Training sessions come fully packed with time out table. Here is our Colombian trader, Alejo, trading in time out after making a bad decision.

The time out table when the boys are trading here in Colombia

The time out table when the boys are trading here in Colombia

 Watch Camilo manage his live trade. Camilo has been deviated from his plan a bit and every time he does he finds himself in the opposite place where he wants to be.  He watched the market the entire day yesterday and after lunch we watched him manage this trade that ended up being a great winner for him.


  1. Speak ur mind?? What does it take to get into the colombia trading centre?! 🙂 I can see your modesty but honestly we all know how awesome these acheivements are right. So tell me, come on baby 🙂

    1. The actual center is for the local Colombians only Sylvester. We already have a series of Military Training setup where we are doing on one on live training. The Military Training is something that has been highly effective for us and we definitely plan on including that into our current training program. We plan on inviting traders to the center to be able to receive one on one training.

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