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April Results Are Here! 2.19 Points A Day – 75% win ratio

Finally! I was getting a little tired of telling people that the year to date results for my day trading strategy was through March.  I was tired of telling people that the average win throughout the year was 1.97 points. Luckily, I was sadly mistaken as the average for the month of February was 1.97 points.

The actual year to date results through March was 2.35 points a day 

The April results are promptly reported on Brazilian time as I have formally made my move to Rio de Janeiro.  If you are reading this post it is the end of May, borderline beginning of June if you ask me.  Now that I have April’s numbers finally tallied up I can gladly report the following:

  • Do not drink water out of the facet in Rio De Janeiro
  • Brazilian women are really as gorgeous as they say they are
  • Food poisoning is a probably scenario

But more on that later.  I again want to stress that these are beginners results and I also want to let you know that the good old boys at the ON CFTC want me to share this disclaimer with you.  The idea here is to outline the results of what a beginner can do, someone that knows nothing except knowing when to take a trade and knowing when not to take a trade. The targets are fixed, the risk is fixed, I want you to imagine the most conservative results that are possible with using my strategy.

Copacabana Beach Rio De Janeiro

Copacabana Beach Rio De Janeiro

Results do depend on the person as all traders are different. Something that I included in my training program is the liberty of all traders to develop their own style. I use some of the students and plan on using some of my own that day traders to teach to ensure that I showed different styles of what’s possible so that everyone can connect with a style.

The idea here is to try to improve the odds of becoming a successful day trader. At one of the reasons that people don’t make money in the markets is because they tried to trade like somebody else which isn’t something they should do.

If you are interested in learning how to day trade I want you to have a clear understanding of what’s possible, not only with the life that I lead traveling in day trading, but also with regards to results.

A moved to Rio de Janeiro, food poisoning, Copacabana beach, Internet problems, temporary office procurement, and the coolest apartment that I have ever seen with a a train leaving you to the entrance, I present to you a April’s results.

The Highlights

  • Broke downtrend in monthly results
  • 2nd highest winning % for the year
  • Saw some hints of volatility again
  • 2.19 Average Daily Points
  • 75% win ratio
  • 2 days with stop loss hit

Do remember that these are beginner results and after someone is able to minimize risk and maximize results the bottom line will increase significantly.  This means that the average loss for a trade would decrease from $62.50 to an average of roughly $43.75.

There is also an opportunity of increasing results by taking all the trades rather than those just in the curriculum.  I have since added advanced and pro trades that I share with all the traders in the training program in order to push it to the next level.

I am also working on May’s results in order to have those ready for you by the end of the month.

Click here to see the disclosure that the good ole boys at the CFTC require us to share with you about the results above.


  1. Hey Marcelo,

    Great results !! Can you let us know when do you expect to have your training course re-opened for joining ?

    I read you are going to Porto Alegre soon, make sure you visit “Cafe Moinhos”, its a night club, and be prepared to
    see some of the most beautiful women in Brazil !


  2. So how many of the students got these beginner results? Weren’t you going to present some students that had gruaduated?

    1. Kirk… I don’t hold any students accountable for these beginner results because everyone uses this technique that teach in the training program and they continue to develop their own style. Average losses can be brought down and more profits can be gained as well. The beginner results assume zero management skill, no risk management, and a fixed target. The students that I am going to highlight are part of the LTD Project and they are still in training

  3. Hi Marcelo,

    Fantastic average for April and ytd. I’m really looking forward to taking advantage of your experience in the Learning to Day Trade program.


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