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June 5th Live Market Class Recap

Welcome to the first official recap of June!  Today I want to try something a little bit different and share the results of the live class that we had on June 5th.  I also plan on sharing the results from our June 6th class.

I do things a little differently when it comes to training because I have had the unfortunate circumstance of being sold into the industry and I have also had the fortunate opportunity of being inside the industry.  Since I have been through it all I trade a bit differently than most day trading companies focusing more on the market rather than indicators and I also train my traders differently since I know what it takes to be a day trader.

It took me almost 3 years to become a profitable day trader and I have been in that situation where I have lost it all and I decided to keep going.  I plan on sharing a recording of the live class that we had on June 5th so if you are interested in receiving that you should sign up for the email newsletter.


It was as beautiful of a day that we are going to have when it comes to day trading and I am happy to share some of the student charts from the class.  There were a range of possibilities and when it comes to day trading most people only share the best results.  Assuming that we did everything perfectly we would have had the possibility for 8.5 points, that of course assumes that we did everything perfectly.

Enter the student charts

I always tell people that it doesn’t matter how much money or points that you make in the market.  The only goal that everyone should have is to come out on top everyday and all the charts below show a positive at the end of the day which is what we all want to see.

We had a great live class and I want to thank all the traders in my training program for being a part of it because it wouldn’t have been such a great class without them. (click on any of the charts to maximize them)

Trader #1:

This chart reflects as close to the beginners results as they are going to get.  The trader is using the beginners technique that I have in the trading program to learn how the market moves while not paying attention to targets and stops.  3.75 Points! Hoorah!

Trader #2

This is a chart from very conservative trader that decided not to capitalize on all the trades available for the day because he has already identified his own style.  One of the concepts behind creating a trading strategy was to allow every person to feel comfortable trading.

Most traders get caught in a system where they can’t develop their own style and try to trade like someone else.  Consider this, the conservative trader below made 3.75 which is the same as the trader above.  What is the difference you ask?

The trader above made some mistakes on which trades to take and which trades not to take.  They both ended on top which shows that both a conservative trader and a beginner can make money.

Trader #3

This trader is as conservative as it is going to get choosing very carefully what trades to take and what trades not to take.  One of things that is important is to understand when to take trades and when to not take trades.  You can note by the notes on the right that the trader wanted to take more opportunities in order to maximize his profit but his frame of mind wasn’t in the right place because of the decisions that he made the previous day. 3+ points.

Chart #4

This trader also epitomizes the a conservative trader and made similar decisions to the trader above.

Here is the video recap of June 5’s activity.  You can find the list of all the recaps on the market recaps page if you are interested in seeing more of our results.  I will be trading out of Peru soon as my emini day trading and traveling will bring to the countries of Peru & Chile.  Check out my Wandering Trader travel blog if you are interested in catching more of my travels around the world.  Look forward to sharing that with you!

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Click here to see the disclosure that the good ole boys at the CFTC require us to share with you about the results above.

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