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2013 Congressive Strategy Results: Consistency Anyone?

What can we say about 2013? It was an absolutely incredible year for us here at The Day Trading Academy (DTA). Being such a tight knit community we always want to make sure that we are there for all of our traders including those that are still learning.  They were all having their moment when they “officially made it” trading in 2013 and we wanted to be there for that special occasion.

It has been a very busy year with lots of research into opening day trading centers around the world. DTA is putting its money where its mouth is by starting centers around the world and having traders manage our money.

This is all possible via the Congressive Trading Strategy.

We started the year in India as the pool of talent in that country is absolutely incredible.  A country with over 1.2 billion people has an endless amount of university graduates and luckily for us, NO JOBS.

Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal in India

We started in Mumbai, the financial capital, and later headed to the capital, New Delhi.  We wouldn’t wish anyone the experience of living in India or actually investing there. We highly recommend that you visit though as India is one of the most interesting places in the world.  Just visit for 2 to 3 weeks at a time.

After India we attended the Trader’s Expo in New York only to cross back across the Pacific and arrive in London. We have been trying to assess the best places to find talent for our new day trading centers.

While New York City and London are financial powerhouses they are also somewhat over saturated for new business opportunities.  There is a reason why we have been hearing so much about emerging economies. The former western economic dynamos have been stagnating for quite some time and there are much better investment opportunities in other places around the world.

We offered the winner of our contest, one lucky individual that would be able to learn how to day trade for free.  NinjaTrader and the Jordan Tourism Board did their part as well.

Wadi Rum Jordan

Camels in Wadi Rum Jordan

This allowed the winner to experience what our lifestyles are like day trading and traveling around the world.

We visited one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, floated in the Dead Sea which is the lowest point on Earth, and also visited the best preserved Roman city outside of Italy (Jerash).

We couldn’t close out the year without going back to the incredible city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was a good thing too, since we plan on opening a day trading center there.  We spent roughly three weeks in Rio after crossing the Pacific and arriving in one of the new financial titans of the world,the city state of Singapore. The opportunity to open a center in Singapore looks promising. With the increasing financial restrictions in the West we are actively looking for viable markets to trade in around the world.

This is one of the main reasons why we have decided to open our day trading centers around the world. It allows for those less fortunate around the globe to be able to live their own dream. To give you an example, in Colombia a college graduate is lucky to make $800 USD a month. After a few years of moving up the corporate ladder his income is capped at roughly $1,100 USD to $1,200 USD a month if he is lucky.

Via our Congressive Trading System these same graduates are able to make an average of 2 points a day. This means that a beginner could start making $100 USD a day and after moving up to 10 or 20 contracts they could possibly make upwards of $1,000 to $2,000 USD a day.

Singapore Pool

The incredible infinity pool in Singapore

Near the end of our trip we were able to visit so many exotic places. It allowed us to combine day trading and travel in all 7 continents.  Australia, a yacht party in Thailand, Barcelona, and even a stop over in Malaysia were all on the travel agenda. This has all been possible with a career in day trading. It allows us to work from any place in the world.

We also started an exclusive insider group of traders. This will enable us to discuss more investing opportunities not only in stocks but also real estate, commodities, and emerging markets around the world.  By investing in a hand full of marijuana stocks before legalization in the state of Colorado (located in the United States) we were able to make an incredible return on our original investment. Between four of our traders we are up over $500,000 USD on an original cumulative investment of roughly $50,000 USD.

Now on to the good stuff

2013 Average Points Per Day

2013 Average Points Per Day

When the small number of new traders enter our training program they always begin learning how to read the market.  This allows for the best probability of success.  We don’t just regurgitate trade setups and technical patterns out of a curriculum. This original instruction and reflection is absolutely crucial since day trading is mostly psychological and not technical.

In other words, in order to succeed and become a professional day trader we have to be able to control our mental state and emotions while we trade. There are only so many patterns, trade setups, and indicators that we can use.

Click here to watch the video on YouTube

Overall the results from 2013 were on par with the previous results that we have seen.  We started keeping track of our Intermediate and Advanced results in late 2012.  Our beginner results assume absolutely no risk management or profit management. This means that when someone starts to learn how to trade with DTA the only thing they need to worry about is reading the market.

This is important because at the end of the day we want our traders to be able to trade on their own without having to rely on us. This means they don’t have to worry about specific software or indicators to use. If they are able to read the market correctly they can actually trade without indicators and software.

The intermediate results assume a fixed profit target but adjustments in risk management.

When day trading the most important thing is to not lose money. The market will do everything possible to get us into a bad trade and out of a good trade.

After a trader begins to apply risk management techniques they are then invited into our restricted advanced and pro’s room. This is where they begin to learn how to maximize their results with some of our advanced and pro trades.  To the untrained eye they may look unorthodox and extremely aggressive. To a Master Trader however, it is like taking candy from a baby.

Day Trading in Venice

Day trading and traveling with Manny when he took his family to Italy with only trading income

In 2013 we saw the same peaks and valleys in volume and volatility that we saw in 2012 but only at different times of the year. In September of 2012 we saw the lowest volume on record in 7 years. We were still able to see positive results even with that low volume. As a whole we found that to be very impressive.

We mainly keep track of past results to ensure we can still improve on our strategy. This year alone we have been able to incorporate new multifaceted approaches for our beginners and our experienced pro traders.

Master Traders like Super Man have been able to develop new ways to move stops to limit our risk and maximize reward.  He even made not one, but three different presentations at our annual pro traders seminar.

Day Trading In Medellin

Spending the holiday season day trading in Medellin with our master traders Nikolai and Guillherme

We are really looking forward to what the future holds for us here at The Day Trading Academy. We are continuing to grow and look forward to our new plans which will include being able to offer personal live one on one Military Training sessions at our day trading centers around the world.  We have more exciting plans to announce in the coming months!

Until next time… stay profitable my friends.



    1. Tony that really depends as the program that we currently have in Colombia is only for locals and invitation only

  1. How can i join your day trading company and learn how to day trade. I am from Atlanta USA. Is this program only for Colombia or Brazil?

    1. Hi Deepak good to hear from you, we actually do most of our training online although we are just starting our day trading centers in both Colombia and Brazil. You can contact us via the contact page and we can give you information on availability and whether you would be a good fit for the program:

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