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Can Your Strategy Make Money With 40% Win Ratios? Weekly Recap with Student Trader

Another student that makes only 40% winners and manages to make a profit.  I always like to highlight these days because its incredibly powerful to have a strategy where you can still make money when you are only 40% right.

We always like to win more than we lose and have our winners be bigger than our losers

I’d like to highlight that most of the traders that are winning at 40% are beginners.  What we try to focus on is making sure that from the day anyone gets started they start off with a winning system.  Day Trading is already extremely hard as it is so the idea is to have all beginners start with a winning system.

So far the results have been extremely promising and we have incorporated that into the training program for the select number of traders that we choose to participate.

Lunch In India

Lunch In India

The student that we are highlighting is one of the members of the LTD Project.  What we decided to do with the LTD Project is hand pick a group of traders and train them to see exactly what it takes. Over the course of the project we have been able to increase success rates by over 20%.

The industry success rate is roughly 10%, to put this in perspective only 1 out of 10 people are able to make money day trading.

By being able to understand how the market works and incorporating that into the training program we have been able to increase success rates to 1 out of 3.  This is one of the reasons that we have decided to have our students teach live market classes and assist in the training program.

You can see the potentials of what he could have made this week with only a 40% win ratio.  In posts in the past there have been comments that we “unfairly” didn’t include commissions.  See this post.  As we try to be transparent as possible we decided to include the commissions below.

40 percent win ratio potentials

The current trader that we are highlighting is still rather new to the learning process but is a trader that is currently trading a million dollar fund.

We met in Colombia and we immediately decided to work together since we both saw potential in each other. He primarily focuses on stocks and we focused first on improving his current strategy by incorporating advanced trading techniques that we teach.  We honestly can’t take all the credit because this is one incredible trader.

He has continued to improve his ability and consistency and with no doubt will be helping us teach classes this year when he starts trading live.  We only allow traders that are currently trading their own accounts live to teach the live market classes.

Jan 7th Chart

Jan 7th

We just completed a one hour phone call to talk about his results and his plans to move to Chile & Colombia for the first part of 2013.  Its all about the lifestyle and being able to live the dream instead of sitting behind a desk from 9 to 5.

Jan 8th Chart

Jan 8th

He only made a handful of mistakes with his trading that include not taking profit at certain areas and also moving his stops according to plan.

We had two amazing review classes this week talking about understand overall momentum and also risk management.  The most important aspect of trading that we can improve first is not losing money, its much easier to lose money in the market than it is to make it.

After we learn how to not lose money then we can work on profit maximization.

Jan 9th Chart

Jan 9th

Jan 10th Chart

Jan 10th

Jan 11th Chart

Jan 11th

I have to commend this trader because his behavior through the weeks shows his understanding of the market.  He was able to adjust his behavior in order to close the week off with a bang.  Notice how there was a 100% win ratio and 4 points on Friday.

Always remember that when we are trading to focus on making money every day.  Returns on investment, how much money you are exactly making, and even worrying about how many trades you lose are all distractions.

40 percent win ratio

If day traders look at the market with a winning day trading system it doesn’t matter how much money is made at the end of the day.  The goal is to end up positive because if a trader can make money every day then we start adding contracts and then hundreds of dollars turn into thousands of dollars.

Stay profitable my friends.

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