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Training Program

When it comes to my day trading training program we have a unique methodology.  We didn’t start this day trading academy website (DTA) because we wanted to create a day trading business, I created this website because other traders were coming to me asking for help.  Marcello Arrambide, CEO and founder of DTA,  started by posting my own my own trades, for free,  which you can find under the market recaps page on this website.   Now I have a full fledged curriculum with a day trading forum that I offer to every member to talk about different ideas to make my day trading strategy better.

No Live Trading.. No Deal

Anyone that works with me or for me with the Day Trading Academy day trades their own account live, no exceptions.  We have been in this industry for almost 10 years and never found one company who actually traded their own strategy….. with their own money…. live.

How would you feel if you found out someone was running a live trading class who just started day trading yesterday and never traded their account own account live? Not on my watch.

Most of the students that are currently trading the Congressive Trading System use the strategy to make a living trading or a variation of it.  The same goes for any traders that help me teach the classes for everyone in the training program.

Limited Number of Students

We don’t plan on ever training “the masses” since we are focused on teaching people how to day trade and not becoming a millionaire trying to sell software with fancy colors and automatic plotting lines and bars (sound familiar?).  We want every day trader that we train to be able to trade on their own, if they come back to be part of the DTA community then great!

Every person that we have ever helped and trained in my ten year career has emailed me directly to ask questions and specifically ask about the training program.  We’ve  made exceptions when we aren’t currently taking on students but for the most part its about people taking this serious.  Time is my most valuable asset, if people are serious enough to email me and ask questions they are serious enough to start with my program.

Training Program openings are limited

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