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The Day Trading Academy 2012 Recap: An Incredible Year

Day Trading in 2012 was nothing short of amazing for us here at the The Day Trading Academy.  We started off the year with a vision of creating something that has never been done before in the day trading industry.

To create a day trading system that is based on transparency, proven results, and created by real day traders.  We wanted to create a community of traders that were trading live in order to develop new strategies, back test results, and come up with new ideas.

Disclaimer: No day trading programmers were harmed in this post.

Udaipur, India

One of the city gates in Udaipur, India

LTD Project

The learning how to day trade project was a unique venture  that we launched a few years ago.  There were many traders that found us via our Wandering Trader traveling & day trading blog and convinced us to start teaching & training again.  It all started with the LTD Project a few years ago when we began to really ask the question what does it take to be a day trader?

  • How long does it take?
  • Can anyone really learn how to day trade?
  • How much does it cost to get started?

Our day trading had such high profitability that it became evident the only way to keep making even higher returns was to begin to help others.

It would allow us to get “hands on” to continue improving the Congressive Trading System, make our own trading better by getting back to teaching, and serve the final purpose of continuing to make high returns on our capital.

Even though day trading can be highly profitable, the core focus of The Day Trading Academy is the lifestyle.  Success isn’t about having a lot of money or being a millionaire.

Our definition of success is total independence; time, location and  financial freedom.

By having that core focal point we have allowed our traders to just focus on making the right decisions rather than highlighting the money.  Our unique approach of focusing on the market and understanding market structure saw something that we never expected, a 23% improvement on successful results.

day trading in brazil

The industry average is roughly 10%, or one in ten day traders actually make money in the markets.  There have been university studies to prove this fact.  With our decades of experience in the industry we have found that the odds are actually lower than that, only 3% of day traders are actually making money.

The other 7% are the traders that are breaking even, they make money some days and lose money other days.

As our LTD Project is coming to a close we were able to make 1 in 3 traders profitable instead of the proven industry average of 1 in 10 traders.  Stay tuned for updates on LTD Project!

Trading Expo in London

We attended our first day trading event in London this year and had a great time meeting all of our traders that are based in Europe.  London is one of the largest day trading hubs in the world.  To have the opportunity to not only trade in London, but also meet likeminded people was absolutely amazing.

We made sure to bring some of our most successful traders and also members of the LTD Project.  It was a great success and we plan on attending more expositions in the future!

Day Trading Retreat at The Ritz in London

While in London we also planned our very first day trading seminar.  Aptly named a day trading retreat, we ensured that the class size was small in order to ensure the highest quality.

In round table fashion, we picked out attendees to experience student hot seats.  By maintaining a high focus on behaviors and trading patterns that our students make, we were able to sit traders down and work on improving their weaknesses in a live market environment.

Day Trading Seminar

Our great group at the day trading seminar at the Ritz in London

We also made sure to have traders trade as if it was live to have a class discussion on what we should be focusing on in order to maximize profits and minimize risk.

It was so intense we accidentally began discussing trades that were developed in our new pros trading room.  Our next retreat is already planned for June 2013 in Toronto, Canada.

Contest to Win A 1 Year Trading Program & All Expense Paid Trip To Jordan

Remember our core focus is freedom.  Since we love to day trade and travel (The Day Trading Academy was officially started when I was living in Ethiopia) we decided to give something back and allow one trader the opportunity to win a full one year training program.

We have the unique opportunity to team up with Ninja Trader and the Jordan Tourism Board to offer a 1 year free license to Ninja Trader and an all expense paid trip to Jordan.

petra, petra at night, petra jordan

What the winner will witness, one of the new 7 wonders of the world

We will be day trading from one of the new seven wonders of the world, Petra, and even from the lowest point on Earth, the Dead Sea.

We are already mulling over the contestants and have started to choose finalists.  If you are interested in entering the contest make sure to visit the Jordan contest page to sign up!

Trading Centers

Nothing breeds day traders like a day trading center.  Our long term vision of having day trading centers around the world is coming to fruition.  While here in Udaipur India, we began shopping for the new center in Singapore.

What better way to furnish a day trading center in Asia than to have actual Asian furnishings?

Since we are able to work from anywhere in the world our headquarters is wherever our laptops are.  Our current headquarters are in India as we continue to meet with local traders to find out the viability of opening a trading center here.

We first landed in Mumbai and stayed at the iconic Taj Mahal Palace and Tower.  Since there is less activity at the end of the year we proceeded to the renowned beaches of Goa to find our temporary offices on these very same beaches.

day trading office, day trading in India

Day Trading in Goa, India

During Christmas and New Years we took a three week excursion through the land of the kings in Rajasthan, India.

It was very unique spending New Years Eve in the same city where they filmed the popular James Bond film, Octopussy.

Now we have arrived in New Delhi and will be trading and running live market classes until we visit the holy city Varanasi, and a sure to be unforgettable trip to the Taj Mahal.

Towards the middle of the year we will be moving our operations to Colombia to start our very first day trading center.  We will be able to spend time in one of our favorite cities, Medellin Colombia, and give a few lucky traders the opportunity of a lifetime.

Can’t wait to share our future plans to open up day trading centers in Europe, North America, the Middle East, and other locations in Asia. It’s going to be an amazing year. I hope you are ready!


  1. Marcello, how can the success rate of your students be 1 in 3 when the beginner results and even a 40% win ratio can be profitable?

    1. Success rate implies students that were able to start making money in an overall sense. Out of all the people that we trained via the LTD Project 1 in 3 were able to start making money. With our Congressive Trading System you can be successful with only a 40% win ratio and that is the reason why most of our students do so well. If we are able to understand momentum we are going to be able to understand when to take trades and when not to take trades. Its about winning more than you lose and having your winners be bigger than your losers. If at any point in time the market is not conducive for trading since the odds are in our favor it is possible to make money with only a 40% win ratio. Let us know if you have any other questions about that

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