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March 1st Recap: $2700 – Live Trading Video (Now Updated Student Charts)

This week has been nothing short of fantastic.  The market is continuing to move at a frantic pace.

Great runs and retracements and the volume is the best that it has been in over a year.

We have not seen this kind of volume and movement on consecutive days for quite sometime (over a year).

There were some amazing announcements as well, three different traders went live this week.  I have asked all of them to give me a full write up of how they did and what it feels like to go live for the first time.  One trader went live after two weeks of training and made $8,000 his first day live.  We don’t want to set any false expectations so it is fair to advise that one of the traders took ten months to go live.

But think of the $8,000 after two weeks of training instead of the 10 months.

Call us optimists or the kind of people that are insanely excited that it seems as if every week someone is going live and making money.

One of these traders is a member of the LTD project and the other two are students that will be graduate master traders that will be teaching classes shortly.  We cannot describe how amazing it is to have a day trading system that allows students to do so well that they are able to teach classes.

It serves multiple purposes; to allow intermediate & advanced traders to continue to develop their skill through teaching, to allow us to trade our own accounts live, and travel around the world.

We all want to make a living with day trading in order to live the lifestyle that we want to live right?  What is the point of trading if we have to be stuffed behind a desk 9 to 5.  Our traders generally trade for roughly an hour or two a day.

This of course is the exception when traders have so much fun they decide to trade every day (last two weeks).  We even have one of our traders that is taking his entire family to Italy in the summer!

We have decided to crash the party since drinks will be on him!


We stopped the video after roughly an hour of trading but continued to trade up until 11.40am EST.  Who wants to watch a 2 hour video of people trade live right?

ninja trader charts

And now for the student charts.  Always use nicknames to keep the traders privacy but they each know who they area. We have a great group of guys that love to show what they are capable of.

We want to show a variation of experienced traders and traders that are still learning.  The chart below is from a trader that is still looking for consistency.  The chart from Friday popped out at us due to the 44% win ratio.

With the Congressive Trading Strategy a trader could still make money only being right 40% of the time.

A combination of winners being bigger than our losers is extremely powerful.  Peruse the posts below for many other situations where traders made ony 40% and were still able to bring in a profit.

And now the trader below that made 2.5 points on just 44% win ratio.

ninja tradercharts

Up next is Geezy, one of the traders that had his first day live today. He attended the retreat (seminar) we had in London on his first trip overseas and now all of his work has paid off.  The feeling when a trader goes live for the very first time is extremely unique.

He had zero day trading experience and was a computer programmer before he became a trader.  He was referred to us by a trader that initially helped convince me (Marcello Arrambide) to start the unique and powerful training program we have now.

Want to highlight the detailed notes.  One of the reasons he did well today was because he keeps himself accountable.  Knows is stuff and look forward to having him join us in the pros room!

Want to give a special shout out to him because today is an incredible day. He even went to the beach afterwards.   Congrats my man.

Two charts below: 4 trades, 50% win ratio, 2 pts

Geezy Chart 1

Geezy 03022

Geezy Chart 2

Geezy 0302

It wouldn’t be a fantastic day without the Beach Don.  45 minutes of trading today.  We think its so funny when we are having our live market classes and 10 to 20 minutes into the class the Beach Don says “so I’m done trading and I’m going to the beach.

Notice the additional indicators on his charts

One of the concepts at DTA is to truly understand how the market works.  Software & indicators actually are detrimental to a traders development rather than being helpful.  All of the traders I have met over the course of the last 10 years have removed even more and more indicators.

We allow all of our traders to have the freedom to add, alter, and take off any indicators they want.  Through our group of graduate master traders we continue to develop new techniques, trades, and way to look at the markets.

After all, when we stop adapting to what the market is doing we lose our edge.

Going to be getting together with the Beach Don while we are here in Florida to talk about the centers that we are starting.  There is another new project that we haven’t mentioned called day trading cells.  2013 is going to be such an incredible year.

beach don 0302

Student Trader 4: Write up coming soon

brazil 0302

Student Trader Number 5: Write Up Coming Soon

brazil 0302 Mr. D 0302

Could continue to post more charts of our traders but the charts above definitely show how incredible our community is.  For now you can peruse a live trading video we put togeher from today’s trading.  We are having some server issues with the first video so we made sure to upload both.

May want to come back and view the 1st video again once we correct the issue, its longer and includes a full recap of the stay.

Stay profitable my friends

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  1. All of the charts are going over my head. Since I am not in your program where can I got to start getting some knowledge on these issues beyond forums and investopedia. I really want to start learning as soon as possible and become a beginner and not just watching from the sidelines.

    Also the first video has no audio and the second video is marked as private.

    1. Just shoot us email and we can help you out with that Zach. Unfortunately that was a full live classes where we had a few members of the LTD Project in the class. I was explaining some of the market details. We have had nothing but issues trying to upload the video so now that I finally have it up I won’t be messing with it again! It took an aggregate of almost 9 hours to get this video up with all the issues. Thanks for the note

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