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Meet Mark: The Incredible Trader That Just Made $8,000 His First Day Live

We have shared a success story in quite some time and the best way to get things started is with a party. We would like to formally introduce Mark, the man who made $8000 his first day trading live. What we want you to take from the story is that he has only been trading futures for two weeks and barely attended any live classes.

Over the course of teaching traders for nearly 8 years and being in the day trading industry for nearly 10 years right out of high school there isn’t much that surprises me anymore.

Becoming profitable after two years of training and helping others for almost 8 years there isn’t much that I have not seen.

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Everyone always asks how long it takes to be a day trader and how much money it takes. For those questions we started the LTD Project and improved the success rates in the industry drastically (just over 300%).

I normally advise new traders that the fastest someone can go from learning how to trade to going live and making a living day trading is roughly 6 weeks.

This isn’t a magic number

We have actually seen this done by a student trader and he happens to be one of the best traders we have trained of the years. That does not go without saying that everyone is going to pick this up that quickly. Marcello Arrambide, the founder and CEO of The Day Trading Academy, took two years to become profitable as mentioned above.

For Mark to be able to complete the curriculum and less than two weeks and jump in with a live account speaks volumes of what is possible.

It has been overwhelming the last week and a half with such incredible market movement. We have had in house traders in student traders go live at a frantic pace with Congressive Trading System.

In the upcoming weeks we are going to have a handful of new graduates start teaching live classes to improve their skills even more. We give every student that is trading live and consistently making money the opportunity to teach classes to make themselves even better.

No employees need apply we only have real traders, trading live, teach our classes

This alone is one of the reasons why the Congressive Trading Strategy has been so effective throughout time.

It was funny how Mark contacted me to let me know how much money he made. I was putting together the final touches on a post on our sister site ( where we go in depth about day trading and traveling) and I didn’t even recognize who he was.

We have an uncanny ability to be able to read emotions off of a chart.  I didn’t recognize Mark because he only has made it to one live class and zero review classes that we hold every week.

For a moment I thought he was a spammer.  It turned out that Mark diligently work through the curriculum and less than two weeks and knocked it out of the park.  Here is his story:


  1. Congrats’s on the big day and keep up the good work. Your confidence to jump right into live trading is inspiring Mark.

    It sounded like you are using a different broker than Marcello, are they charging you higher commissions?

  2. Wow great job man! 8k is an awesome day… My question is how many contracts is mark trading since he just started trading futures ? Thanks

  3. Hi Mark
    Please keep us updated, one day can be great, but it is the long term that matters most!

    Also I really hope you want to tell us with how many contracts you were trading!

    20? 10?

    That is very important to be able t evaluate your succes

    Best wishes


  4. Congrats Mark!
    Curious, though…this seems like a one-time fluke, no? Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course! But if he’s trading a higher than normal contract size, he could have been lucky, especially on his first day.
    Kudos to him, but I’d like to see his DAILY profits as regards to proficiency.

    1. Surprisingly Suleman we have had quite a few traders (recently) go live right away and start doing well but it is not the norm. The fastest I have seen it done (consistently) is roughly 6 weeks but other traders do take longer. Definitely not something that I want you to expect in terms of going live right away because it does take hard work. Just to give you a picture it took me roughly 2 years to become profitable.

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