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Day Trading in 2013: The Future of The Day Trading Academy

We anticipate day trading in 2013 to be one of our best years ever.  There is a significant amount of uncertainty in the world and when there is uncertainty day traders thrive.  With the economic problems in Europe lingering and the United States entering into a new economic crisis there will be plenty of volume and volatility in the market.

One of the reasons why we were so interested in beginning a new career in day trading is because it is one of the only professions where you can make money in a recession.

As many of you know we love day trading and travelling around the world.  Day trading is really about living the lifestyle that a person wants to live, not a 9 to 5 job where living behind a desk is a primary concern.  We have very exciting travel and day trading plans in the works.

day trading 2013

More Students Teaching Live Classes

At a time when we were concerned how we were going to balance our own day trading and teaching a new trader emerged within The Day Trading Academy, the student expert.

We have had so many traders learn how to read the market and understand it’s movement that they have begun to help us teach our classes.  With numerous conversations we have had with both new and seasoned traders, we anticipate to have a solid group of student experts.  They could teach up to a month of classes.

Considering that we all need to have a balance between teaching and day trading, it’s great to have a group of students that will be able to teach.  This allows for the focus to remain on day trading but will also allow for a wide range of viewpoints in order to make the training program that more effective.

One of the ideas we plan on doing in 2013 is having student interviews where traders share their strengths, weaknesses, and experience on their own day trading process.

Global Investing Guidance

One of the things that we strive to do is give our day traders everything they need to get started day trading.  The training program is built around having a system where traders don’t have to worry about anything except learning how to day trade.

We only support one of the best trading platforms available today, Ninja Trader, which anyone can use for free until they are ready to go live.  We have exclusive agreements with brokerages like Mirus Futures to provide the lowest commissions and margins in the industry.

And finally, all of the systems, software, and platforms we use are free for all new traders until they go live.

We feel that we have a responsibility to lead our traders in the right direction and it definitely has a correlation with how many successful traders we produce.

We are introducing a new pros room for all the traders that are making money live to make them better.  Most of the expert traders mentioned in our 2012 recap teach the classes in order to make themselves better at trading.  It is one of our goals to provide even more education to the our student experts.

Day trading is extremely lucrative and once the market is mastered there aren’t too many days when a trader loses money.  This invokes another “problem”, what to do with all that extra income?

With interest rates at an all time low around the world, unless of course you want to invest in countries like Syria (I hear its nice this time of year), there aren’t too many places where you can make high real returns on your money.

Another very big impasse is what to do with the rising taxes in the United States? If you didn’t know everyone’s taxes were just raised by 2% and we suspect that this is only the beginning.  Click here to read more.

This has lead us to start sharing global investment guidance; where best to open a business (including opening a business overseas), how to protect yourself from the impending economic crisis, how to maximize profits in sideways markets, and even how to carefully navigate the waters of economic uncertainty.

We have already started to invest overseas and are looking for new ideas and projects every day, including the day trading centers that we plan to open overseas.

Day Trading Center in Colombia & Singapore

The day trading center in Colombia strikes at the core of what we are trying to do, help people.  Colombia happens to be one of best emerging economies in the world when it comes to stability, attitude towards business, and profit potential.  A true diamond in the rough.

As I was writing this post I found a day trading conference that is held in Colombia.

We want to give the people of Colombia the opportunity to learn how to day trade and start learning about the financial markets.  The ultimate vision is to have a day trading center overseas where new and experienced traders can hone their craft.

We plan to step this up a notch by providing the possible opportunity to stay in a company owned apartment.  Just imagine the being able to take a short flight and getting to know some of the nicest and gracious people in the world?

All included in our training program.

The day trading center in Singapore runs in line with our focus to adapt to the global economic climate. Singapore is one of the best places to do business in our modern world; low tax rates for foreigners and very friendly business practices. Singapore’s infrastructure is second to none with extensive transportation and communication networks and it has already become one of the top financial centers in the world.

Why wouldn’t we want to be in Singapore?

Trading Retreat in Toronto

We had great success at the Trading Retreat (seminar) in London at the Ritz Hotel.  We wanted to continue the theme of having small day trading retreats in exotic places around the world.  We have officially planned a new retreat in Toronto during the 2nd weekend of June.

Since we received an overwhelming amount of requests for the initial retreat, we plan on expanding the seminar in June to possibly 15 people.

It will be a tough balance maintaining a small group while trying to accommodate demand.  We have a great group of traders and look forward to bringing everyone up to the next level.

Expo in New York (and possibly Las Vegas)

The largest trading event of its kind in the world, the day trading expo in New York is where day traders need to be. Following our attendance at the trading expo in London, we plan to attend the New York expo during the President’s Day holiday.

We want to give everyone that has requested time with us the opportunity to meet with us first hand!

Those are the plans for The Day Trading Academy in 2013.  It’s going to be a busy year for us and any expert’s predictions for the death of day trading will soon be mistaken.  Day traders are able to thrive in times of uncertainty and we are entering a period of historic volatility.

Stay profitable my friends.

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