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April 24th Recap: Over $2,000 In A Sideways Market (4+ pts)

What a phenomenal day in the market.

Today wasn’t necessarily about making money in the strong trending days that we have been seeing over the course of the last few weeks. It was really about the lessons that we had in this sideways market.

We had one of our graduate master traders run the class for the first time and he did and exceptional job.

I have been meaning to share his story for a long time, he is a professional hockey player that lives in Norway.  We connected immediately by our passion of traveling around the world which has now turned into day trading and traveling.

Today's channeling market

Today’s channeling market

One of the unique things about James’s that he barely attended any of the live classes.

One of the things that we do with the training program at the Day Trading Academy is record all of our classes including the live market analysis classes and review classes.

Most day traders are extremely smart individuals. They are businessman with families that are trying to embark on a new career, a new life. They also happen to be extremely busy.

I know what it feels like to be short on time and trying to follow a dream.  I was working full time, going to university full time, and trying to learn how to day trade all simultaneously.  One of our traders that was living in Australia convinced us to start recording all of our classes so he could view them at his own pace. This is now an integral part of the curriculum and James is a testament to how effective it is.

We have been asking him to run one of our graduate master trader classes because he has been doing so well in the markets.

He is currently on vacation from his hockey season which as allowed him to start helping some of our newer traders.

This is one of the most unique things that we have been able to create at the Day Trading Academy.  We have been able to create an incredible group of traders that are trading their own accounts live and are willing to give back.  This has allowed us to continue to improve as the market dynamic continues to change and challenge us.

He did an exceptional job of clarifying unique concepts and lessons that come with the market that only moves sideways.

As he explained the trades that he would have taken and he wouldn’t.  The unique thing about having our graduate master traders is that it makes them better as well.  One thing that we have learned over time is that teaching really does make you better.  It serves a dual purpose as we don’t allow anyone to teach that isn’t really trading their own accounts live.

He would have made upwards of 7.5 points, assuming he would have kept trading the entire early morning session from 8.30am to 11am EST.

Today’s market activity is important because we learn more when the market doesn’t move well then when it moves beautifully. It’s always fun when the market is trending and everyone is making money but we don’t learn from making right decisions. We learn from making the wrong ones.

Looking after the fact the market definitely was moving sideways the entire day.

There were a handful of good moves in addition to great lessons of when to wait for better market movement.

James is going to be running another class for us in our Thursday live market class!

Stay profitable my friends

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  1. No need to post this. I apologize for busting your balls yesterday about only posting recaps on certain days. I do appreciate who you are and all the people you’ve helped achieve their financial dreams. Thanks.

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