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This Is How Our Day Trading Starts In Singapore

We do not start our days with bright lights and cereal.  No, No, NO!

The Day Trading Blog today comes to you from the start of our day on top of the Marina Bay Sands resort here in Singapore with an indescribable view.  There are no cereal bowls, there are is no coffee, there are no late starts.

We are here in Singapore laying the groundwork for our trading centers that we are starting around the world.  We will not of course indulge in any lounge chairs that provide a water massage with a roof top. No sir. Day trading is serious business.

Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Water massage anyone? (Marina Bay Sands Singapore)

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  1. *shakes fist* Bastard!

    I can’t wait for the day that I can live a similiar lifestyle. >=(
    One day…Marcello-sensei.

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