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April 23rd Recap: $5,000 in Singapore (10 pts)

The flurry of excellent market movement continues! Staring at the Wall Street of Singapore called Marina Bay I only wonder how well are traders did today.

Just yesterday it seemed like we were trading in the lowest volume on record which happened to be in September of last year. This is one of the reasons why understanding market behavior and being able to adapt to it is so important.

One of our LTD Project traders has single-handedly inspired two new Pro trades. Just a few hours ago there was a slew of back-and-forth e-mails of another Pro trade that we are beginning to develop.

Singapore Business District

The Singapore business district

Many traders wonder why they have streaks of winning days and then sometimes have that one day where they lose all of their winnings. Many studies state that only 10% of day traders actually make money. The actual number is closer to 2% to 3%. The other 7 to 8% of traders are those that aren’t necessarily making money or losing money either.

These are the traders that refuse to adapt to the market.

The current market activity shines a big light into what it takes to be a day trader.  When the market has low volume or isn’t moving well this is the last moment when we want to turn away from the market.

  • It isn’t about switching to another market
  • it isn’t about trying to trade two markets at once
  • it isn’t time to wonder why things aren’t working.

Day trading is about being able to adapt to what the market is providing. YWhen the market isn’t moving well it is about conserving capital and being conservative. When the market is moving well it’s time to be aggressive and take more chances in order to make more profits.

This is why we call it the Congressive (conservative + aggressive)

At the end of the day trading is about understanding what one feels comfortable with. There is only one way to follow strong momentum and take high probability movements otherwise known as high probability trades in the industry.

The kind of activity that we’ve seen over the course of the last 2 to 3 weeks is some of the best market movement that we have seen in quite a long time.

For traders understanding market behavior is key. Being able to quickly adapt to market structure changes is the difference between profitability and losing money.

Over the course of the last 6 to 7 weeks we have had nothing but graduate master traders (students that have graduated from the program and are trading live) run our live market classes.  Thankfully, we have a group of traders who I consider to be some of the best in the industry. They constantly are back testing and coming up with new ideas to share with the rest of the group in order to make everyone better.

This is really what day trading is all about making each other better.

Stay profitable my friends

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  1. You’re saying that only 2-3% become successful traders but at the same time you make it sound like almost all your students are successful…something doesn’t add up for me..

    1. John those numbers are what the industry studies have shown. I have done my own testing via the LTD Project to see what is really possible after you show someone how to really read the market. The idea here is to understand momentum and also design a trading plan around that individual’s personality. Whether conservative, aggressive, or in-between, a trader should still be able to do well as long as they are making the right decision and following momentum. In my own tests Jonn I have seen positive results in roughly 1 out of 3 trades instead of the industry average 1 out of 10. Does everyone become a successful trader? I believe they can with the right strategy, focus, and discipline.

      I have been in every part of the industry, the customer that has spent tens of thousands of dollars buying software and indicators and dont really work, the developer of a strategy and trades for trading companies, the coach, etc. I know what it feels like to be in every facet of the industry and being part of several companies in my 11 year career now has really opened my eyes into what companies do and what real results are. No trying to talk up my own program but I have never seen success like we have had at the day trading academy. We are the only training company where we have our own students teaching classes because they are trading their own accounts live; no employees, no programmers, no education personnel. Just real traders trying to make each other better and that alone is extremely impressive.

  2. Hey Ian.. I would have left your comment if you didn’t put vulgar language. I can assure you that that everyone in the program received recaps every single day. The only reason I don’t provide updates everyday via the public side of the site is because I have a life and don’t have time to do that. I prefer to spend my time on important things like trading my own account and teaching my traders how to continue making money in the market. The focus is trading because that is where the real money is made. It takes quite a bit of time to record, process, and upload the video. I continue to do it because I have received emails from traders that tell me that this in does help them.

    Most of our traders that are trading live don’t lose many days Ian and when we do have a losing day I make sure to post that day because we lose days just like anyone else. Its probably better that I didn’t post any recaps the last few weeks because we had the possibility of making over 10 points a day everyday for the last few weeks. Cheers.

    1. Never stop doing those market recaps Marcello. It always provides something to look forward to at the end of the day!

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