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Welcome To The Blitz!

Welcome to the Blitz everyone!  What I have decided to do is have a two week class blitz for everyone in the training program because of the Internet problems I have had here in Rio de Janeiro. I have had a very exciting two months in the city but unfortunately my Internet has been very subpar. Thanks third world! I’m going to record many of the classes as I usually do for all the traders that are in the training program around the world and also host a slew of new training material for everyone as well.

I have also moved into my new apartment in central Rio de Janeiro with a view of what I consider one of the most beautiful buildings in the city, the municipal theater. Have a peek below:

Teatro Municipal Rio De Janiero

Teatro Municipal Rio De Janiero

I’m really excited because I’m using the blitz to restructure the education program and make it much more structured. I’m excited to delve into new ideas that will help us keep us out of even more trades.  I am a day trader, and knowing that you should know that even if someone tells me something works I have to back test it myself.  I am always looking for new ideas, I let all my traders add on to my strategy and test things that they think will make it better.

Once your in you are stuck with me like a divorce.

I don’t do any of this limited time, you can have access for so many days nonsense.  As you may know, day traders often have to protect themselves from, well, themselves. Aside from the common problems such as going to bed too late, not finding internet since you travel so much, and rush hour traffic or what I like to call choosing what amount of Nutella and spices to put in your omelete (in on a diet), there are strict a set of rules that allows day traders to hedge their risk.

There are reasons day traders have stops and rules to make them stop for the day.  Day Traders lose, if you don’t believe see my post when I talked about a day that I lost money.  I don’t lose that often, but when I do, I drink Dos Equis.

I say this because often times day trading is a game of emotions and as we all know too well it is often difficult to make a decision, especially a difficult one, when it comes to our own emotions. Ask that stupid guy love, he will tell you.

The Blitz

The Blitz

I started to teach day traders again because I was specifically requested to do so by a handful of men that found me via my travel blog, I’m very glad that I decided to start up again since the training program has been going so well. I am honestly overwhelmed with the interest in the program and also the feedback from it.  Thank you everyone!  I am considering developing a self paced beginner and intermediate program for those that want to go at it themselves.  Would love your feedback on that.

One of the promises that I made to everyone in the program is that I would never allow anyone to teach them that was not a professional day trader. This is one of the reasons that I have students that are making money with my Congressive Day Trading System help me teach.

Most resist but they always come to the dark side don’t they?  There is no better teacher than when you are trying to teach someone a concept. It’s like trying to teach someone algebra, do you think it’s better when you’re sitting in front of the teacher learning when you’re trying to explain a problem yourself?

Sunset At Christ Statue

Sunset At Christ Statue

Pitching my training program is not the intent of this post but rather an explanation into why I’m having the blitz. The restructuring of the education is in order to provide a more structured approach to trading that allows traders go down the right path. A learn from my mistakes redesign so to speak.  Most day traders don’t make money, I am very lucky to be living the dream that I call my life and I want to make sure that everyone that joined the program doesn’t sell themselves short by limiting themselves.

I’m going to force everyone to stop taking shortcuts and also make sure they realize the work that they need to do. Day trading isn’t a pop in the microwave and it’s ready kind of thing, it’s something that you have to develop. Not all of us going to high school knowing how to pick up the woman of our dreams. Not all of us are born entrepreneurs. Not all of us know how to manage your time effectively. Those are all skills that we have to learn.

In order to make sure that all the traders learn the skills properly I’m going to make sure that they do everything that they should, plain and simple.

As you read this post I will either be day trading or calculating the results for both April and May. I have been slacking on updating the beginners results so I want to send that out to everyone before my next trip to Chile, Peru, São Paulo, and Porto Alegre.  I do plan on making more recaps but not at the regular level when I first started.  On to the next one…….


  1. Hey Marcello,

    i think the self paced beginner program would be great. I look forward to you expanding on the idea

  2. I would love to hear more about the self paced beginner/intermediate programs. I am interested! Take care!

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