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May 4th Recap: Bundas & 20 Points ($10,000 Available)

That is the view from my temporary office as I write this recap.  I am in a small town in southern Brazil called Florianopolis that is known for gorgeous beaches and well, gorgeous woman.  You didn’t think I was coming here just for the beach did you?

Today was the kind of day that makes traders take weeks off.  I left a lot on the table but it didn’t matter because I was still able to make close to 20 points.  For me it isn’t about getting the best of every move, I want to catch at least every move.  My goal? Minimum of two points that’s it.

You really only need to make 1 or 2 ticks profit everyday when you are trading upwards of 20 to 70 contracts.

Its not about making money

It is about being positive everyday

I have been able to trade 100 lots but only risk it when the market is moving extremely well like the volatility of October & November of last year.

My schedule right now for the weekend involved lots of sun and exploring the small island of Florianopolis.  I am doing a blitz for everyone in the training program and since I have been receiving lots of emails for training I am extending an offer to open the training program for those that are interested.

The blitz is going to start on May 21st and I am really excited to restructure the training program with the feedback I have received from everyone.

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  1. That’s picture is awesome Marcello and the trading video isn’t bad either! Thanks for the update, I like hearing how your trading and travels are going.

  2. Nice trade day…do you have a trade day to show when the market was chop all day and how you fared?

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