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From Military Training To Student Hot Seats: Alive & Well

I have been so overwhelmed having to balance my own day trading & travelling, teaching, and also training the guys from the LTD Project.  I tread the waters very carefully of having the responsibility to teach other traders how to read the markets & be able to consistently make money every day.

It isn’t about winning big its about just winning every day

Since I have been through the best scams the day trading industry has to offer I refuse to do anything but offer the best training from real traders that are trading their account’s live.  No admin assistants, no programmers that create fancy indicator cocktails, and definitely no high school friends running live classes that don’t trade their own account.

My vision of a day trading community where the goal is to help each other is starting to come to fruition now that we have traders coming online that are making money using the Congressive Trading System.

Nothing is more satisfying than receiving that email that says “thanks to you I can make money day trading now”.

Its been a while since I have introduced traders that are doing well with the strategy and I have a handful of guys that I want to highlight because they do things a bit differently.  One is extremely conservative and is making a living day trading on just 1 point a day. I commend him because he does well and is fine with just 1 pt a day.

I also want to highlight Manny, which was part of the Military Training back in January where I got together with a two traders as beta sessions to see how I was going to train people in a live one on one environment.

Manny is about to have his last day at work on Oct 31st and become a full time trader after trusting his instincts and taking a 6 month leave from work.  I would love to take credit for his consistency but he has done a ton of work to get to where he is now.

The idea behind the hot seats are part of the new class blitzes I have planned to improve traders that are already doing well in the markets and in turn, provide different points of views to traders that are still learning how to trade.

I’m humbled by the amount of interest in the training program and we have reached a level where we have a great group traders that are proficient and making money everyday.

The hot seats where traders help run our live classes allow the traders that are still looking for consistency to get a different view of the market which I find to be invaluable.  With different points of view it allows everyone that is learning to see something in a different light and the chances of “a light bulb going off” or reaching that “aha moment” goes up dramatically.

The trader actually running the classes feels the responsibility of making sure everyone sees the market the right way.

day trading education

Some traders may be more conservative, others may be more aggressive, so its a great way to allow traders to reach another level of awareness through teaching.  That higher level of awareness carries over into someones personal trading. It’s the end of the day trading education cycle, a great way to keep improving and also a way to give back.

Once the process in complete by teaching, a trader is able to realize new things about their  own trading & start to learn new concepts and the process repeats itself.  It goes back to the 4 stages of day trading competence I outlined a few months ago.

Having the ability to show and teach someone else shows true mastery of a subject and giving someone else the ability to see a different point of view is invaluable.

After speaking to Manny about the incredible live class he held this past week I came up with a new idea to complement the day trading center idea called day trading cells.  Really excited about where we are headed and now the adventure will continue with a flight confirmed to India to start DTA’s first day trading center.

Onward to India!


  1. Congrats Manny, wish you the best of luck! I hope to follow in your footsteps in the near future.

    Loving all the new updated materials and the future with the DTA!

    thanks Marcello.

  2. Para bems Manny! Looking forward to meeting you and some of the other traders at the retreat come end November 2012.

    Stay profitable!

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