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Sept 7th Recap: 6 Pts, 6 Point Range, 6 Hours At The International Airport in Chile

I have arrived back on the mainland thanks to my favorite airline in South America, LAN Airlines. Traveling to Easter Island was nothing short of amazing and I would highly recommend that you visit the isolated island before another earthquake or tidal wave takes out all the Moai Statues (hopefully doesn’t happen).

Due to the recent earthquake in Costa Rica we were set to receive a tidal wave on the Northeastern part of the island.  I went with a new found group of Brazilian friends (Fala Portuguese?) to try and see the tidal wave.  What we found instead was a gorgeous sunset overlooking the Moai Status.

C’est La Vie, Day Trading is a lifestyle not a profession

Easter Island Ahu Tahai, Easter island

The Ahu Tahai Statues on Easter Island

The market started off with a good range today but it quickly got back into the behavior that we have seen over the last month or two, BORING AND SLOW.  One of the biggest things we have to understand when to trade in the market is how to be able to adapt to current market conditions.

One of the reasons that I love to help traders via The Day Trading Academy is for selfish reasons,

It makes be a better trader

 It allows me to constantly review the market dynamic and adjust accordingly.  I just had a series of student hot seats where two students ran a live class for everyone in the Elite Training Program. Manny, who attended one of my one on one Military Sessions, and Paul who recently went live and made over 6 points with the MIND Trading Strategy.  This is one of the reasons why I have other students run classes to give them that opportunity to make them better.

The biggest advantage that we have with the Congressive Trading System is that we focus and read the market in order to understand its movement. What this allows us to do is make money in the toughest market environments similar to the ones that we are experiencing now.

Many people in the industry have said that the Emini SP 500 is dead and isn’t good trade anymore because of the low volume.  Most of the people in the industry are also paying attention to indicators that look like a candy cane on steroids.  If there is one thing that I can teach you if you want to learn how to day trade is watch the market and not a set of indicators, it will change your perception of the market completely.

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  1. Marcello,

    I came across your websites yesterday and I am nothing short of amazed. It’s awesome what you do; day trade and travel. I just subscribed to your e-mail listing and your videos are very informative. I do extensive traveling for work and was on Easter Island for a few days last December and the statues were incredible, as well as, all the other sites like the Moai mine. On that same trip, I visited Punta Arenas, Valparaiso, Arica and Santiago, Chile. I am currently in Georgia (former USSR) and will be back in New York by mid-week. Again, it’s awesome what you do and I’m looking forward to learning more about your educational program.

    Steve M.

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