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Announcing The London Day Trading Retreat & Training Openings

There has been a lot going on ever since I got back from Easter Island.  I will be leaving on Sept 13th to Belgium as I was invited by the tourist board in order to help provide the Flanders festival with more exposure.  Definitely check out my travel & day trading blog,, for more details on the trip.

Once in Belgium I will be traveling to Barcelona and hosting the next set of classes for everyone in the training program and then making my way to London.  I may casually stroll through Paris for a quick sip of coffee at a cafe in front of the Eiffel Tower, talk with my hands in Rome, learn how to steer a gondola in Venice, and maybe rent a place in Greece for a weekend.

All tentative of course except the training classes from Barcelona, those are set in stone.

Who else wouldn’t like to spend some time in Barcelona?  We are going to be hosting a day trading retreat in London and once I arrive in the city I will finally be able to sit down and work on the next evolution of the MIND Congressive Trading System.

tower bridge london

I assure you, we won’t be adding any fancy colors, we won’t be hiring anyone to teach classes that doesn’t trade their own account live, and certainly aren’t going to pretend that we have proprietary indicators like most day trading companies.

We know that there is only one way to read the market and understand how it works so we aren’t going to focus on indicators.  Instead we plan on breaking out the curriculum that we already have and creating modules for every piece of tangible and intangible information.

We also are going to create the much anticipated pro section in order to teach the advanced setups we take as well.  One of the things I love to do is take input from all of our traders to make the strategy better.  Computer programmers and salesman can’t make a strategy better, day traders make a strategy better.

It’s ironic because I never planned on teaching again after I left the last company I was with.   When I was living in Ethiopia I was contacted by countless day traders from the various companies I have been a partner with for help.  I started this emini trading site to start sharing my own trades because I wanted to keep living the life, traveling & day trading.  You can still see my recaps from October when I first started uploading them to the website.

Now, with the help of other traders that help me refine concepts, we now have a powerful trading strategy that focuses on what matters, the market and not indicators.  Indicators can always be taking away from you but no one can ever take away an true understanding of the market.

I’m going to open a small number of openings for the training program to get feedback on the new changes and also allow the traders to come to the day trading retreat.  Right now would be a great time to get started if you are serious about making this a career since you would have enough time to review the material and attend the day trading retreat to get put you over the top.

The low volume that we have been seeing in the market is an added bonus to allow you to develop your discipline so when the volume and volatility does return via QE3, you will be ready to fire on all cylinders.

I plan on having student hot seats during the retreat since I have learned that is a more effective to  teach and point things out for others instead of just trying to read a curriculum.  What we plan on doing as well is pricing a small conference room and splitting the costs between all the attendees.

Yes our names are going in to and we are pitching in

The retreat will be held during the thanksgiving holiday on November 23rd & 24th.  I asked all of my traders when would be the best time and since some have families and run businesses we chose the holiday week.  It would allow anyone to fly in on the 21st, get acclimated to the new time change, and then start fresh on the 23rd and possibly fly back on Sunday the 25th.

I want to keep it small (keyword retreat) number of people to make sure that everyone gets the attention they need, anywhere between 5-10 students.  Possibly as high as 15 but no more than 15.

If you are interested in the training program or the day trading retreat let us know, click here to contact us.  If you interested in learning how our students are doing check out our students page and see for yourself.

Indicators can always be taken away from you but no one will ever be able to take away how to read the market and understand how it works.


  1. Hola Marcello,
    Así que vienes por Barcelona?. Me gustaría que me mantuvieras informado de las fechas y que actividades piensas realizar. Recuerda que soy de Uruguay pero vivo en Barcelona hace más de 20 años, así que puedo ser un buen guía por la ciudad…
    Un saludo y cuenta conmigo en lo que pueda ser util.

    Un abrazo….

  2. Hi Marcello,

    If there is still a place available and you are in a position to accept me to the retreat, I would relish the opportunity of meeting and joining you in London and learning from you, your past students and the new traders alike!

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