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Scouring Nearly 5,000 Applicants To The Jordan Training Contest

The time has come to choose a winner!  It is going to be extremely overwhelming as nearly 5,000 applicants applied to become part our new training program in Jordan.

One of the responsibilities of being successful is also giving back.  The members of the LTD Project and the students of the training program have been doing extremely well.  We wanted to give someone the opportunity to invest in their future by not only giving them our tools and resources, but also including an all expense paid trip to Jordan.

It is about the lifestyle and being able to live the life that you want.

Most people often connect day trading with money and in the end we are all in this to make money.  The reason that we are so careful in selecting who joins the program is because we make sure we train those that want to make this a new career.

Devils Pool

Freedom Exhibit 1: Swimming At The Edge of the Devil’s Pool, Victoria Falls

If one considers what success really means, our true definition of success, one will find what is at the core of what we want in life.

Our focus at the Day Trading Academy is total freedom; location, time, and financial freedom.

The ability to live the lifestyle that you want to live.  Day trading is one of the only professions in the world that allows someone to make money while the global economy is in a recession.  That alone opens a world of possibilities but no, that isn’t enough.

We want to have the ability to live anywhere in the world. Over the course of the last 3 years I have had the ability to live in exotic locations such as Ethiopia, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, and even India.

To be able to work whenever you want however you want.  Even though we trade in the markets the internet allows us a level of flexibility that cannot be found in many other professions.  Most traders are in the futures, forex, or equities markets anywhere around the world.

Hyenas Ethiopia

Freedom Exhibit 2: Feeding Hyenas in Ethiopia

The tools that we teach with the Congressive Trading System allow you to trade any market around the world, at any time of the day.

We have a trader using our principles trading the Australian Bund, the DAX, and now we are applying the same principles to the Indian equivalent of the E-mini S&P 500, the NIFTY.

Once someone can grasp the basics of learning how to day trade all one has to focus on is making a consistent profit every single day. No matter how small that profit is, at the end of the day we can then add scale to our trading.

Imagine just making $50 a day per contract but trading 10 contracts.  That equals a whopping $500 a day which equates to over 6 figures a year.

Day Trading in Brazil

Freedom Exhibit 3: Penthouse Office in Brazil

The previous contest winner, Josh, sadly couldn’t continue his training because of his responsibilities with the military.  In Jordan, we plan on getting the winner started on the right foot with one on one training.  We have begun to choose the finalists to the contest and look forward to sharing updates as they progress.

The free training program will begin immediately once the contest winner is chosen.  This will be followed by a once in a lifetime trip to Jordan with one on one training.

No nonsense; just one of the new 7 Wonders Of The World, the lowest point on earth, Roman ruins, and of course one on one training in the exotic Middle East.

Stay profitable my friends.


  1. That is awesome. Congratulations to whoever receives that opportunity. Marcello’s teachings on how to read the market is the real deal and whoever wins will become equipped to be profitable in any market as well as being able to see the world.

  2. Is the 1 point you make earned in one trade (one shot, one kill), or averaged over a series of trades for the day?

    1. Each individual trade Mustafa after you enter and get out is worth $50 per point on the Emini SP 500

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