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Another LTD Project Member Is Going Live Today

The learning how to day trade project has been nothing short of amazing.  A few years ago we embarked on a quest to truly comprehend what it would take to become a day trader.

There were endless questions of how long it took, what it would cost, and whether personalities and backgrounds would matter.

The learning how to day trade project was also about giving someone else the opportunity to live their dreams. This is another reason why we rented the Jordan contest as well.  To give someone the opportunity to live life on their terms, not corporate America’s.  The concept of a job has changed over the last 10 years.

It’s a good thing that Al Gore let us know that he invented the Internet.  If it wasn’t for the Internet our society would be very different than it is today.

The concept of a good job or profession today consists of time and location flexibility.

Everyone wants a job where they can have total freedom.  People today want to be able to work whenever they want, from any location around the world, and they don’t want to worry about money.

With the success that we have obtained day trading in last 10 years we are in a unique position to provide someone else that opportunity.  Receiving an e-mail from a student trader in our training program with a heartfelt thank you that they are now able to live their dream is something that cannot be explained.

Military Training with Kenneth in Manizales, Colombia

Military Training with Kenneth in Manizales, Colombia

The vision for the Day Trading Academy wasn’t to run a business or to try to create a training farm where people come in and are spitted out.

Since we are all real day traders we understand what it feels like to be taken advantage of.

Most of us have experienced the day trading scams that the industry is known for. Few of us have been inside the industry and have seen the secrets that they don’t want you to know.  Many also realize that it’s important to continue to adapt to the market.

Once a trader becomes stagnant and stops adjusting with the market the losses become greater and the dream is soon lost.

The end goal was to create a community of day traders with the objective of making everyone better. Most times in this industry one will find a guru that is behind a specific strategy or trading system.  Often times there is a gap between actually understanding how something works behind a slew of complicated indicators splashed of the rainbow of colors.

What you haven’t heard of the holy grail day trading system?

There are 1 million different traders making money in the world. They all trade 1 million different ways and happen to use 1 million different indicators.

The bottom line when it comes to day trading is truly understanding how the market works.

It’s not about signals, indicators, or software no matter how attractive it looks.

The purpose behind the LTD Project was to find out exactly what it takes to become a professional day trader.  Above everything what does it really take to day trade for a living?

This can then be carried over into the training program to make it even more powerful. Again, making everyone better.  This is one of the reasons why we have improved the industry success rate by over 300%.

Day trading in Houston

Meeting traders in Houston.

It’s about giving someone the opportunity to have something that would otherwise be almost impossible to have.  All of the revenues from the Day Trading Academy are set aside to have capital for the members of the LTD Project when they go live.

It also provides the capital for those that will be trained in day trading centers that are being planning around the world.

Learning how to day trade with the Day Trading Academy is about total freedom.

Just imagine being able to pick up and deciding to move the family to Spain, Brazil, or even Asia. Having a trading center available where one could work in peace and interact with other like-minded individuals.

Luck won’t be needed tomorrow. This member of the LTD Project has been making good decisions since he first started a few months ago.

We are busy building the DTA trading Army, the question is why are you a part of it?

Stay profitable my friends.

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