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Feb 8th Recap: $2,000 Available – NYC Blizzard Edition

Last but not least is the final recap for the first full week of February.

The week was truly a tale of extremes. Something that comes very familiar from visiting India and living in the country for just over two months.

Friday brought about the blizzard of the century and aside from being the end of the week it seems as if the blizzard is what took the volume of the market.

The blizzard did not end up being that bad in Manhattan.

There was enough volume in the market to last roughly an hour. Once 10.30 Eastern arrived the market significantly slow down and there were not any more opportunities to be had.

Blizzard in New York

Blizzard in New York

Sadly, I’m in a city that always sleeps and there is nothing to do. We recently visited a sushi restaurant here in New York City that had seven different kinds of salmon. As a purveyor of sushi around the world there hasn’t been one sushi restaurant that had had this variety of salmon.

Not even in central Africa. Although eating raw fish in central Africa would not be recommended.

The market was greedy on February 8th only providing a handful of opportunities. Luckily, the week has turned out to be one of the best weeks of the entire 2013 trading year.  While there may be limited prospects for investing in 2013, day trading is the only profession that allows you to make money and any  kind of market.

Central Park New York City

View of central park in New York City after the storm

I don’t know of any other career, business, or vocation where you can consistently make money no matter what is going on in the world. It does not matter whether the world is a in a recession, a crisis, or booming.

A secret the general populace outside of day trading doesn’t know is that traders actually make more money in a recession.  These talented group of individuals actually make a fortune in a crisis.

Think about that for a moment.

Stay profitable my friends.

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  1. Hi Marcello,
    Love to get your recaps. enjoy them a lot, Helps me to learn.
    Just a not of concern as a sushi lover myself and especially salmon, you must use cation these days for there are many hidden dangers. working in the natural health profession I keep up with this. If you would like to know more just drop me a line. again keep up the good work and remember there is no wealth without health. Ed

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