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May 4th Recap: Over $3,000 on 1 hour of trading (Live Trading Video)

We were finally able to get the sound working on today’s recap, sadly the sound on the March 1st video won’t be possible.

Today is really an example of what is possible when a trader reaches a certain level of consistency in the markets.

Trading for roughly an hour a day we were able to extract over 6 points with just one single trend.

We always assume 10 contracts being traded as that is the magic number for everyone so that would be well over $3000 for one hour’s worth of work.

Now the real question is is this possible every day? And the answer to that is absolutely.

All of our traders should be able to make an average of two points today at a beginner stage. Whether or not a trader can make two points or five points is really irrelevant.

Day Trading Tradestation

Overall market view from today

Because once a trader is able to understand how the market works all he/she needs is just a point or two a day to make a living day trading. We are running visa live trading classes with a handful of our in-house traders that are going to be trading with us and for us.

With our travel schedule being so heavy over the next four months we probably will not have any other live class recordings after this week.

The last week and a half has been the sole is in full for us with so many traders going live.

It also helps that the market has had its best movement in the last week and a half than in the entire last year alone.

Looks like the rest of the week is going to be an incredible one.

Stay profitable my friends.

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Sorry but the sound is also not coming through on this video either everyone. One day we will prevail!


  1. Marcello you guys gotta use a different screen capture software. This video is just a huge tease without the audio.

    Try camtasia, it’s what I use for all my videos or go to cnet they have tons of free ones.

    1. Its weird zach the video comes out fine processed but for some reason after uploading to youtube the sound just cuts out. Since it is so much work processing the video we just left it as is. Hopefully the next one will be better

  2. I love that you try to put out these longer videos. But I do miss the short videos or just a screencap of the chart will all your trades. Sometime I don’t have time to watch a 30+min video and on those occasions it would be great to be able to just watch the chart quickly.

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