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May 1st Recap: There Were No Opportunities Today

I made a million bucks today, again! Yep.  That is the common adage in the day trading industry, picking and choosing the best days in order to look very good in the eyes of newbies.  Well guess what, we didn’t have any “classic opportunities” on May 1st and I am more than willing to admit it.

I didn’t make a million bucks, I didn’t lost anything, I sat in front of the computer and wished the rain would stop.  It was as boring as watching reruns of the price is right and save the bell.  You know what I am talking about.  I have shared when I have had a losing day in the market and am not afraid to admit that sometimes we aren’t going to make money at all.

If you would like to make a donation for lunch today that would be phenomenal

All this can be attributed to May 1st, the global holiday which is conveniently called “workers day” in Brazil.  A holiday called workers day, irony? Anyone?  May Day is celebrated by quite a few countries around the world and if you are a day trader you certainly saw the limited volume and volatility.  It was a great day to make some popcorn and just watch the market since we didn’t have any classic opportunities.

I have mentioned classic opportunities here and those are the trades that I make public here on the site.  There are also other trades that I share with the advanced students or pro traders that are making money with my strategy.  We did have a handful of advanced opportunities that could have put some coinage in our light pockets today but this is where I tell you that exclusive information I only share with members in my training program.

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I am in the midst of creating an advanced section & pro’s section where I will share more than just my trades with everyone in the program.  I share in more detail why I get in where I do and get out where I do.  I also share that I like my Brazilian steaks medium well but that’s beside the point.

The pro’s area will be exclusively for everyone that is making money or has an advanced view of the market and can handle adding some very advanced concepts and trades.  I’m calling it THE BLITZ, I am going to have a series of classes at the end of May for everyone in the training program since I have been having internet problems here in Rio.

I have been receiving a higher number of requests for training so if you are interested in enrolling in the bad ass training program then now would be the time.  I’m going to make an exception since I am so excited about the things that I am going to be sharing.

Cheers from Brazil, on to the Christ the Redeemer statue!

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    1. Hey Marcello, I also sat in front of my computer managing my 10-6 work projects since my trades setup/entry did not trigger.. I’m and ready for the BLITZ … sign me up …. Cheers from Toronto, Canada

      Ed Rojas

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