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Meet The Man That Won The Free Training Contest & Will Get 1-on-1 Training In Jordan

Everyone always asks us well why are you teaching people if you are able to do so well making a living day trading?

We have the kind of culture around the world that if something works we should keep it from each other.

It is understandable because most traders make money in the markets by exploiting an edge.

An edge that can quickly disappear if everyone in the world starts using it.  Global investors are no different.  This concept has been passed upwards to the countless number of day trading companies that pretend to have unique indicators or proprietary software.

petra, petra at night, petra jordan

What the winner will witness, one of the new 7 wonders of the world

The common day trading scam implies that the company has a set of indicators or software they developed when in reality most were created over 15 years ago.

How would a day trading company make money if they couldn’t sell you “unique indicators”?

The answer to that fundamental question is because teaching actually makes our own day trading better. We don’t want to pretend that we invented day trading or any of the unique concepts that we offer in our training program.

The way we present the information, the tools that we have available to every trader, and the invaluable community of real traders that are making a living day trading is something that is beyond unique.

Just last week there was over 10 traders that went live and started making money.

Many students of the program have either willingly or unknowingly added a crucial aspect of the way that we look at the market.

To have a unique group of smart minds working  on the same outcome is extremely powerful.  These are what mastermind communities are all about and is how major technological breakthroughs have come about in history.

We do not discount brand new traders either as they have added priceless techniques and ideas as well.

The normal process is when one trader has an idea that another trader adds an additional technique to. This process continues until eventually we have new trade setups, new ways to look at the market, and an endless pool of brilliant traders that are constantly looking to get better and adapt to the markets.

It is selfish in a way but at the same time we are able to provide an opportunity to someone that wouldn’t otherwise have this kind of chance in life.

Tyler DTA Submission

This is the reason why we train new traders, this is the reason why we are opening up trading centers (Colombia, India, Singapore, and now South Africa are all tentatively planned), and this is the reason why we offered the free training program contest.

Not aware of the contest? Have no fear, here is the rundown.

Since day trading provides the ability to obtain total freedom we often mention that day trading is a lifestyle and not a profession. Marcello Arrambide and others share their expeditions traveling along the world on

To have the ability to reach a level of success it is our responsibility to provide the opportunity of success to someone else.

This is something very unique and in economy where the very little people are making money. Day trading is the only profession where one can make more money in an economic crisis than when things are going well.

Many people don’t know that we were able to make money when the market goes up or when the market goes down.

So we teamed up with Ninja Trader, the Jordan Tourism Board, and of course everyone at The Day Trading Academy.

We had a contest with nearly 5000 applicants applied and decided to choose one lucky person.

Ninja Trader coupled our offer with a one year free multi-license and  we are working in tandem with the Jordan Tourism Board to offer an all expenses paid trip to Jordan.

With all of the submissions it was daunting choosing one person. When we noticed that an old friend that visited the Victoria Falls with us applied we immediately were intrigued.

We chose a group of final contestants and called each and every one of them to find out exactly why they wanted this opportunity. We wanted to make sure that the person that we chose was going to take advantage of the opportunity.

Enter Tyler, and also the guy that I met while swimming on the edge of the Victoria Falls in Zambia. The man has a sense of adventure and with military budget cuts on the horizon was looking for an opportunity to do something you. He has the same passion for travel and was ready for something new.

Here is his story:


  1. congratulations…………………. nice pictorial…………….we will meet ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  2. Hello friend,
    Will open a school in Colombia?
    Why not Brazil?
    We are a country very growth and since many investors have entered the Bovespa. It would be very interesting to a school in Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo.


    1. I would love to open a school in a few locations in Brazil Paulo but the only thing holding me back is the language. I cannot speak Portuguese fluently enough to explain the intricacies of trading. It definitely on the longer term plans. Probably Rio de Janeiro & Sao Paolo as well.

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