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June 6th Live Market Class Recap

Today was another phenomenal day in the market for us and I wanted to try something a little different for the last few days by sharing student charts.  I just ended the class blitz where I hosted a serious of classes for everyone in the training program and it couldn’t have ended on a better note.

Tomorrow is contract rollover day which means that the contracts change.  If you want a better understanding of that means check out the day trading eminis where you can learn more about the basics.

I love to teach and when I decided to start coaching students to start day trading eminis again I knew that it would come at a cost.  Its very hard to day trade and teach at the same time that is one of the ways that I designed the beginner management technique which you now know as the beginner results (click here to see the most recent results).  Today is a day where anyone could have done extremely well!

I wanted to share today’s results because there is a range of results that the students had in the program.  I wanted to show both a beginner’s point of view that just started the program and is still looking for consistency as well as the results of traders that have learned the strategy and are doing very well with it.

I also love to share how different emini day traders handle the market since my congressive strategy allows everyone to feel comfortable with their own trading.  It isn’t about trying to trade like someone else:

The idea is to try to be successful with what you feel comfortable with

Its one of the reasons that most day traders don’t make money because they are always trying to trade like that one guru that is supposedly making money.  I am still in the process of developing the training program to exactly where I want it but the idea is to allow other professional day traders that are making money with the strategy teach.  So far those sessions have gone exceptionally well!

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  1. Hi Marcello,

    I’ve really enjoyed the posts for June 5 & 6 with charts from the students. Keep up the great work and have a wonderful time in Peru and Chile.


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