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June 17th Recap: 7+ Points (Possible $3800+)

We hope that you have been enjoying our live trading videos from last week if you haven’t seen them yet definitely check out our market recaps page. We tried to put up another live video from today but unfortunately the video could not be processed.  We definitely plan on sharing more live trading videos via our day trading blog.

The market has really been moving extremely well for the last few weeks and all over traders have been able to do tremendously well.

It’s great to be able to make money in these kinds of markets but we know what it is all about is staying consistent. We don’t have to make 1 million points today in order to become day traders. We always say that day trading is a lifestyle and not a profession for that reason.

With just two days results someone trading 10 contracts could have made upwards of over $3800.  Even with just one contract that would net $380. Even someone making $50,000 a year that would equate to roughly $200 a day.  It really shows the power of what we are able to do.

We are really excited to share some of our upcoming changes to both the training program in addition to new traders coming online. Many times when people learn how to day trade there’s only one person making money with a specific strategy. This even happened to me when I first started trading.

We now have a great group of day traders that are coming online and living the lifestyle they want to live. I plan on meeting up with another one of our successful traders that is quitting his job and continuing to trade for a living full time in the beginning of July.

Meeting up with our resident graduate master trader iceman in Puerto Rico during his wedding. Also meeting up with another trader that is taking his entire family to Italy for a month in the summer. That is really what it is all about isn’t it? Really seeing the results and the fruits of their labor day trading eminis using our Congressive Trading System.


One of the lessons that we can really learn from today is knowing when to hit the gas pedal and knowing when to quit. During the recording of the recap will find that we were still looking for the market to continue to the upside even though it was moving sideways.

Many traders confuse the sideways movement for stagnation when in reality they are just overall consolidations for more movement up. As long as we are able to have defined rules to be able to identify that strong momentum we can look for are target areas that we can find a bit higher.

Using fib extensions an extension clusters (free indicators that you can find on most trading platforms) you’ll find in the chart below how the market eventually did hit the target areas that we were looking for.

0617 2

Overall a great day, definitely let us know if you have any questions.

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