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Graduate Master Trader June 12th Recap: 4.5 Pts

Really excited to share this graduate master traders recap from Wednesday, June 12th.  There is always the transition when it comes to day trading any of decided to change his schedule at work to focus 100% on trading. It is always hard to make the transition from having a full time job and trading part-time to trading full time.

He is following in the steps of our CEO and founder, Marcello Arrambide, by switching to a night shift and day trading in the morning. He now will be able to trade every morning and then go to work at nights until he makes the full transition of day trading full time.

He is going to spend the next few weeks training for the new position where he will work nights. We definitely look forward to a new trader interview with Deuce and eventually joined the growing ranks of full time day traders that are with the Day Trading Academy.    He is currently trading his own account live and consistently as one can see via his market recaps. Here is his recap from June 12th:


After the market opened, we had two trades to the downside that worked out then we had a triple bottom and a deeper retracement, I took the trade a tick behind the midband and it failed.


On my fourth trade, I expected a deeper retracement and I was able to get a point on this trade. On my next trade, I took a profit of 3 ticks and I should have gotten 2 points.

The next two trades I got stopped out after I reduced my risk then I took a 1.5 point profit on a trade to the downside.


On the last trade, I got stopped out and I thought about taking a pro trade to the downside, but its going to take some time to develop more confidence on taking these advanced trades. Total of 4.5 points today.

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